The e-commerce business has grown dramatically over the last few years. Due to COVID-19, many stores have closed, meanwhile, there are many e-commerce businesses that have done quite the opposite.

Shopping online was once a comfort, convenience, and luxury, however now it has easily become a necessity. Think of how many times you’ve shopped online in the last few years… several times, right?

Market Research

Market research is the first step to beginning an e-commerce business or any other business for that matter. You don’t favor going into a specific industry if it isn’t performing well long-term. You also want to make sure you pick the right region and target the right group of people.

You additionally ought to familiarize yourself with what is trending. Learn the statistics of online shopping. Which industries are performing the best? Who are the people shopping online? What age groups are they? Are they mostly male or female?

Pick a Niche

Once you have gathered all the applicable information, discovered what is trending, and know what industries will be likely to succeed with the demographics, your next step is to select your niche.

It is important that you choose the perfect niche Which is most likely to succeed, but it should also be something you’re passionate about and can stick to. When you’re passionate about something, it’s easier to communicate its value to others, due to the fact you understand exactly what you like about it and what might put off others from it.


Branding is the technique of developing, researching, and applying original elements to your company so that consumers can commence associating your company brand with your products or services. Branding is what offers your company its very own identity. It makes your brand unforgettable and encourages consumers to buy from you. As consumers, we all recognize that our peers tend to buy from brands they know or like, and branding can be the figure-out thing for many when it comes to making a buying decision.

Creating a strong brand in today’s competitive landscape is extra than just simply throwing collectively a bunch of shapes and colors. There are many factors related to developing a strong brand, including brand positioning, fashion information which you use for coloration palette and typography, your logo design, packaging design, and so much more which you can examine by means of analyzing our branding guide.

When selecting your brand name specifically, you want to make it positive. It sounds memorable to others, represents your brand well, and is optimized for SEO. And of course, you want to be sure it’s a brand name you love.

Your brand wants to be memorable and stand out above your competitors while evoking the feeling of emotions and trust. You desire your target audience to truly enjoy the experience of your brand, beginning to end.

Build an Online Presence

Two of the biggest ways to build an online presence in today’s world are using your social media and website.

When building your online presence, you want to secure your brand name on social media. If you see your idea of a brand name online everywhere, it’s possibly satisfactory to discover a specific one that stands out from others. The finest way to do your research is to search your desired brand name on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Making a website is one of the important factors for any online business. It’s essential for SEO, it will increase your online credibility and help to create an impression on your consumers. Just as a bathroom displays a restaurant’s level of cleanliness, a website reflects a brand’s well-known standard of quality whether that be in their service or their products.

Once you have your brand identity on social media and your website up, the next step is to create content material to promote the launch of your business. Choose an official date for launch and utilize your website and your social media channels to create anticipation in your consumers. That way once you launch your brand, you already have certain people that are interested in your products or services.

Choosing an E-commerce Platform

This typically goes hand in hand with your website development process. There are many exclusive e-commerce platforms, and some may fit your wishes better than others. However, we’ll be highlighting Shopify as it is taking over and it is one of the major giants in 2021 and most likely to only grow in reputation in 2022.

Using mobile devices for online purchasing is only going uphill from here, as mobile devices are becoming an essential tool, it has 24/7 customer support, it’s extraordinarily customizable, has built-in SEO and marketing tools, and has their own payment gateway with a ton of benefits. Do you genuinely need more convincing? 

There are also other options like WordPress, Magento, Wix, Squarespace, and many more that may fit your needs depending on your requirements

Decide If You Need a Dropshipping Solution

If your product is too big and is inconvenient to ship constantly on your own or even if your sales are too large and hard to manage on your own, your pleasant wager is to make investments in a dropshipping solution.

This ability that you enter a contract with the supplier where you manage to handle the orders, and they manage the fulfillment. This is a highly effective technique of business that also reduces your stress because you do not have to manage inventory stock or shipping. There are many platforms that make it easy to access. It’s best to do personal research on prices and services they offer, to find the right fit for you.

Follow Through

After the launch of your e-commerce business, it’s important to proceed following more steps to ensure your business continues to grow. Some of these key aspects include:

New Product Ideas

Update your products frequently. No consumer likes a static shop. Trends are constantly in play, and you continually wanted to keep up with them. Always have scheduled market look-up intervals and keep yourself updated. Constantly brainstorm and follow new standard concepts to your products.

Customer Service

Good customer service is the bread and butter of any brand’s business occurring again periodically and referrals. Many shoppers will abandon online transactions if their questions or issues are not addressed quickly. Having a chatbot designed to send buyers to a detailed FAQ page, product reviews, and engaging with consumers regularly and often creates a strong image of your company and will hold customers coming back. Customer satisfaction is everything.

Conversion Optimization

On average 69% of users will leave your webpage without buying anything. Think of, if even a percentage of those people are making purchases. Try to make the technique of purchasing as fluid as possible. Increase your website loading speed.  Try to provide consumers with as much encouragement as possible by creating campaigns, whether that means creating limited-time valid offers, retargeting campaigns, etc.


There it is! You have full details on how to start your e-commerce business. We hope this helps you take the initial steps on your journey to success!

The e-commerce industry that we work with has seen a drastic increase in sales and has been tremendously growing digitally over the last closing year. Starting an e-commerce business can be easy, but, the map to success is still not in simple sight for most. And that’s why our team at Trioangle is here to help you through the whole process of launching your very own e-commerce business.

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