We all know that the era we are living in is the technology era where a system AI is being used to understand typical problems and human behavior to create new solutions and help people.

The core of this era is the internet and the growth it has seen over the years. Once the internet was adopted into business every traditional method and practice evolved hence paving way for a potential business the on-demand delivery business.

This business especially changed the way people consumed their food and the way to procure it. The core of this idea was to reduce the travel a customer had to take to reach the restaurant and dine. This practice was welcomed by the world and made many people start their own businesses using this business model.

And one of the most succesful on-demand delivery business model is Hungerstation Clone. So before we learn about the business model let’s get to know more about them first.

About Hungerstation:

Hungerstation is a food delivery business in Saudi Arabia that capitalized on the whole market by being the pioneer to help people order food and get delivered to them. They have over 10,000 partners and captured the market and the eye of the audience hence establishing their dominance in the field.

They later became so popular that foodpanda merged with them and became the biggest food delivery company in the Middle East. They host a variety of categories that can be filtered to select the right product and payments can be done through a variety of mediums like cash and wireless. 

They provide a huge menu from all 10,000 restaurants and provide it in the hands of the customer. The customer can also call and order or customize their order based on the requirements through hungerstation.

These are the services they provide that made them the most successful online food delivery business in the middle east.

There are a variety of features that they provide to help the customer select the food they want hence being so simple to use and making many people use their service. So, the key to your successful online delivery business will be the features you provide and how simple it is to use.

Business Model:

Their business model operates in such a way that all three parties involved are benefited. The restaurants, the drivers, and the customers are the three main factors they had to focus on to run a successful on-demand delivery business. 

So, they monetized it in a way that restaurants pay a commission fee and the business pays the driver to complete a successful delivery, and this changes according to the distance and the value of the purchase. 

This is how hugerstation operates and makes a successful profit from its targeted market. 

But this idea didnt stop people because once they understood the key revenue-driving factors of this industry people expanded it into delivering all products hosting a variety of categories from alcohol to medicine. 

So before we discuss the ways you can start an on-demand delivery business with hungerstation business model let’s learn more about the factors.

Revenue Driving Factors:

  1. Demand For Delivery
  2. Wide Range Of Products
  3. Driven By Tech
  4. Makes It Easy
  5. Rise In Usage 
  6. Affordable Pricing

Demand For Delivery:

There is a huge rise in demand for delivery of products across the world because of the experience it provides for the customers which makes them feel so satisfied with the business hence creating trust among customers.

People want products and items to be home delivered so that they can experience your business and at the same time get what they want by sitting in a place. This kind empowers customers with purchase power hence making them loyal to the business.

Wide Range Of Products:

The main factor that drives revenue is the range of products that are available to buy and the ease of getting the product has a huge impact on the customers. 

All you need is a variety of products from recognized brands and stores hence improving your chances of being used by the customer. This is a major factor that many people have jumped into this business in the past few decades.

Driven By Tech:

One major factor that has led to the rise of many online businesses is technology and people have no life without it.

It is used every minute and second by someone from around the world for some purpose hence making it a part of their life. This has given people the option to buy a product from anywhere they want hence making this business a very essential part of them.

Makes It Easy:

Anything that reduces the work or the effort he/she has to do creates a very good impression among them. Hence this business reduces the effort the customer has to undergo to procure the product.

Rise In Usage:

The rise in usage of the internet has provided people with a variety of services hence tending to what they need. This rise in usage has become one of the main reasons why the on-demand delivery business has seen a sudden boom in the past few years.

Affordable Pricing:

The most important factor o understand to capture the market and become successful is the pricing options you provide for the customers. Hence if you can provide affordable pricing that anyone can use from anywhere in your targeted market becomes the key factor to your success.

These are the key revenue-driving factors that make this on-demand online delivery business so wanted in the current era.

Factors You Need To Concentrate On For Your On-Demand Delivery Business

  • Features:

The variety of features and the ease of use is the main factor that makes the customer like the experience you intend to provide. So, make sure you have advanced features that are easy to use by anyone.

  • Pricing:

The pricing you are about to provide should be affordable so that anyone can use it from anywhere. Provide a variety of prices so that the customer wants to use your business.

  • Variety:

The Variety of products and the brand they are associated with will also influence your business so be cautious about it. Choose stores and their products with an evaluation to make sure you provide maximum quality from your services.

  • Offers:

Provide offers and promo codes to give discounts for customers to retain them. This strategy will help your customers to use your delivery service even more.

  • Categories:

Provide different categories based on the needs of your target market to boost your business more.

  • Customization:

Provide customizable options based on the size of the product and the distance you need to cover.

  • Range Of Service:

Make sure you provide your service over a long distance because once your business has a good start word of mouth will increase hence if your service is not available in their region might become a drawback.

  • Promotions:

Take advantage of promoting options like social media promotion and others to help people recognize you. Once you have reached a good business flow make sure you schedule these promotions to stay in your customer’s mind.

These are the main factors you need to focus on for your on-demand delivery business use hungerstation clone and make more profit and sustain in the field.