These days, we are in a bad situation facing a COVID – 19 viruses. Due to the viruses, some of the sectors, entrepreneurs are getting huge losses in industries and all companies due to the COVID norms and lockdowns. If the entrepreneurs are making a substitute business in this lockdown to avoid losses from their company. In this lockdown, people are afraid to come out from home, so their important need is food. Nowadays food delivery software comes like UberEats Clone, Zomato, Swiggy Clone. These days, entrepreneurs can start their substitute business software like UberEats with some COVID safety measures to be safe and make a profitable business.


Let us see more about our script with some safety measures in UberEats Clone.


Our food delivery script provides a user sign-in, driver sign-in, restaurant login, in through the website panel, android panel, and with iOS applications also. This basis can be controlled only by an admin with a  separate admin web panel who can do all changes and check all the activities.  


In this UberEats Clone, let’s add some of the safety features like contactless delivery through the users and delivery partners to breaking from the COVID viruses. To implement this strategy you can disable the cash on delivery option to make only contactless delivery or else we can add a button option if the customer needs a contactless delivery. 


We can instruct the delivery team to sanitize, wash, and take safety measures and deliver the food and users also can be safe with the safety measures, so we can avoid the disease spread and stay super cautious. We can use these prepaid transactions and cashless delivery can be aware of the safety measures to be safe. If we follow these steps, the entrepreneur can make a successful platform in UberEats Clone. The entrepreneur role will be monitoring all kinds of sources and databases from the admin web panel.


Here, we are from Trioangle Technologies providing an UberEats Clone for the entrepreneurs who wish to make their career successful. Our company provides the best web and mobile application development company. Once a client wishes to buy an UberEats Clone, then our team provides you full technical support and all customization of add-on features according to client wishes. The client can check our demo pages available on our site. If the client confirms the process, The UberEats Clone script will be handed over through the clients within 2-3 business days and the client can start the business and gain more profits. 


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