Uber Rush is the concept with delivery concept. The item can be delivered from any place at any time even in the peak hours.You can get as many deliveries on the road as you need within few seconds. The delivery status of the product can be tracked using real time tracking system.

The tracking link can also be shared to the customers, so that they will also know about the status. With this option a owner of the business can earn customer satisfaction in high rate. The delivery charge differs based on the zone the driver is traveling along with the basic amount.

How UberRUSH works?

The workflow of UberRush is as simple as other uber products,

How To Start: Request a deliver at your location. The delivery person will arrive to collect delivery instructions either on bike or foot, then whisk your package away to its destination. Both the sender and the recipient can track the location of the package on Uber’s app.

The Catch: Uber’s messengers won’t conduct transactions on your behalf. So if you want an item purchased at a store and delivered to you, or if you need a package returned to a store and signed for you, Uber’s service won’t work. But if you borrow a friend’s sweater and don’t want to trek up town to return it, then hail an Uber bike. Also, large packages will be a struggle for Uber’s messengers.

Pricing : RUSH pricing is different from Uber’s car pricing. It’s based on zones the driver. If a package is delivered within the same zone of the package pickup, then your delivery will cost a flat $15 (approx, currency differs based on the country). If the package needs to be delivered in another zone, $5 for each additional zone the biker travels through.

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