Single Page Optimization

Optimizing a landing page is based on the demand for the product or service you are providing. It is not worth enough to rank high for a single keyword, instead choosing the high traffic keyword with less competition is always the better way to promote your business online.

Choosing the keyword matters more than optimizing it. But the optimization only based on the type of keywords you are sticking too. If you have only one keyword then you can go for optimizing and continue your off page optimization. Again we have a question that what to do if you want to optimize different product in a single page? Here comes your answer

1.Choose High Traffic Keyword With Less Competition:

It is always advisable to choose long tail keyword with high traffic for your business with less competition. Always have target audience in mind while choosing the keywords.

2.Choose Your Title Tag With The Common Keywords From The List:

According to the latest release in Google, the title tag should not be more than 50 – 60 characters, so use the most common words from the selected list of keywords.

3.Be A Owl While Changing The Content:

Always use the tags properly and do not mess up with lots of unwanted keywords. Use the most related business keyword, content should be related to the products you choose.

4.Increase Your Loading Speed:

Increase the loading time of your site, so that you can hold the chance came to you. Avoid using PNG images because it will take long time to load instead go with JPEG or JPG.

To Achieve your more conversion and traffic, be in touch with us and have our tips in mind.