If you have a business website then through that you can gain multiple profit if you drag appropriate visitors to your site.

Here why I say appropriate is not all people who visit your site is not your audience. If you have digital marketing service providing site, then students who are looking to study about digital marketing is not your visitors.

The one more important point one has to understand here is, not all websites can drag 1000 of audience per day.

Don’t think that I’m breaking your hope, because if you have cookery or recepie saying website you can drag multiple audience in a day, because you have normal audience, to and fro maximum 80 percent of people, including men and women look to search for cooking recipes ( No matter what you are competitors are).

Consider if you are doing business Uber clone script, then your targeted audience is only entrepreneur, that too who is going to work like Uber, so the proportion of search is less compared to cookery websites.

So just one thing, your website visitors count depends on your website platforms.

Let’s come to the point, how to increase the visitors count ?

First SEO

In SEO , there comes two categories, on page and off page. To make it simple onpage is nothing but customizing your site including the title, keyword, description and others to the particular keyword, whereas Off Page is nothing but increasing your domain trust score by submitting links on other sites.

Email Campaigns

Many says mail doesn’t work out, because it get settled in spam folder, and therefore no traffic will be generated, but the thing is if mail is drafted properly and then it get drops in the inbox folder.  So the probability of the clicks of the mail and the traffic for the website is pretty possible.

Newsletter And Push Notifications

In the website, do collect the visitors details and eventually in the website asks for the push notification request, so that almost instantly you can deliver your updates and climb validated leads from that.

Include Sharing Option

In your blogs or in the website include the social media sharing options, so if a particular visitor is impressed then it will get shared on social media and you will be targeting particular new set of audience and drive traffic.

Paid Ads

Though you invest here, you will be getting back better ROI. Here you can target the right audience and enjoy better results. According to the business do chose, that is either display ads, paid ads or other.

This way you can increase the visitors count and if required more details, our digital marketing agency would help you out to increase your traffic and revenue.