Hello everyone, how do you do?

Today sessions, I am going to demonstrate for you, how to progress your classified business.

Well, era moving on, let’s know how to select the pre-eminence classified script to develop your business.

I audit with the lots of websites to gain knowledge about classified business but everyone saying the same guides that are Niche Brand, Research, Software, Hosting, Marketing, and so on.

But in my point of view, let’s do smart work insisted on doing hard work.

There are lots and lots of ready-made scripts are obtained in the business place to satisfies all the above aspects. From that, your responses are to have the right script to double your income.

I suggest you, have a look of Trioangle Technologies, dispenses a modish classified script that was named as a PassUp got revamp by the Letgo.

Come on we dive submerge into the PassUp and its working process.

PassUp is a scratch product from the Letgo, it is accessible in the mobile application for the users to have a compactable and sophisticated workflow to use it off. It allows users to buy and sell their items quickly.

Users can take both the roles of buyer and seller if they wish. Sellers can effortlessly upload photos of what they want to sell onto the app, and buyers that are geographically close can browse and make offers on those items.

It was incorporated with extremely packed with the latest technologies. The best aspect of PassUp is location-based, which provides a better platform for the seller as well as the buyer. Our script is gemmed for the entrepreneur and plays a unique role from the competitor.

Features For Buyer (one who buy the products)

  • Multiple SignUp Registration
  • Advanced Search And Filter
  • Multiple Product Category
  • Message Support
  • Add Favourites
  • Verified Vendors
  • Multiple Language & Currency
  • Social Media Sharing

Features For Seller(one who sell the products)

  • Multiple SignUp Registration
  • Product Category
  • Message Support
  • Verified Users
  • Multiple Language & Currency
  • Image Uploads
  • Rating And Reviews
  • Multiple Products Management

Features For Admin( one who controls the system)

  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Products
  • Currency Management
  • Generated Reports
  • Review Management
  • Category Management

Among these efficacious features, an entrepreneur can originate the websites without any skepticism. Why you are waiting, kick-off your business with the professionalize script. Check it out here https://www.trioangle.com/letgo-clone/ Have a dedicated business with PassUp.

To know more details about PassUp merely ping on [email protected] or dab on https://www.trioangle.com/online-classified-software/