In this trendy world, the well-reputed colleges and institutes are charging more. To cut off this kind of expense, Udemy was developed which provides services at a reasonable price. Udemy is an online marketplace that makes learning easier and simple as the students can attend from anywhere and anytime.

Udemy Clone is an e-learning platform that provides e-learning services to students and yields revenue to tutors. The arrival of Udemy clones has made a drastic change in the educational world where people can learn and interact with others. This results in the advancement of the educational industry. 

The tutor not only can connect the students online. The tutor can upload study materials, the students can study the uploaded contents by downloading it. The Udemy clone also provides certificates for the completed course to the students in the form of PDF. By reading this blog, you will come to know why you need to develop a Udemy clone for yielding revenue.

Feature-Rich Udemy Clone: Global Need

Advanced Filters: The application contains numerous courses, the filter option helps to search the topics which they need. The filter option provides the filter for price, older to newer, newer to older which helps to find the learning material easily. We can add multiple topics, data, and videos to the cart by clicking add to cart.

Description of Courses: The description of the courses will be available for the learners as they can know about the courses and select wisely, the students can also see the reviews of the courses posted by other users who enrolled in the course.

Creating Courses: The application allows the tutor to create their own content and upload them to the application which can be kept accessible by the students. Before uploading the study materials to the application, the admin will check and give approval for the contents. This checking is to improve the quality of the platform.

Course Listing: The application allows the tutor to list the content after the creation of the content. This listing will be helpful for the students to know about the list of contents provided by the tutor.

Content Management: The admin can promote the top-rated courses through social media which helps to increase user management. The admin can send alerts to the students and tutor through in-app or by mails. 

The features considered as per the global need are varying. Trioangle includes all of them during the designing of Udemy Clone App. Further, Trioangle provides you with the advanced features that help in the revenue yielding.

How does Our Udemy clone Yield Revenue?

Revenue is the main motive of starting a business, there are multiple revenue streams of an Udemy clone app as mentioned below. Udemy Clone Script from Trioangle acts as a revenue-yielding platform along with the growth of the business.

Commission fees: 

In the Udemy Clone application, the major source of revenue for the business is commission fees. For each course, the tutor provides us a fixed amount as commission. We can take the commission from the credited amount and we can send money to the tutor.

Promotional fees:

The platform will earn 25% if promoting courses in the application if the student joins the course using the affiliated link. The promotion of the courses helps to earn money.


We can host advertisements for other applications on our platform and can receive a fixed amount of money for it. The owners of other platforms must renew the partnership by paying again after the validity expires.

Additional plans:

Apart from regular student and tutor plans, you can also include an organization plan that will help their employees in training effectively. Organizations can subscribe to the package and avail training courses for their employees.


According to a study, the income through Udemy clone in 2020 was 100 US million dollars. The revenue is projected to reach 370 US million dollars in the year 2026. So there is a steady growth in the upcoming years.

If you are interested in being a part of the entrepreneur society by starting an Udemy Clone contact Trioangle. We provide you with the best clone application with the features that are mentioned in the blog. If you are interested contact us by below-given details.

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