These days, towing is the most wanted service to retrieve accidental vehicles or some repaired vehicles on the roadside. Uberisation is about various things to various individuals. With the spread digital stage, individuals feel effortless to secure assistance at prudent rates

Entrepreneurs, You have a very good chance to kickstart your business with an uber like app for tow trucking service. This was the very crucial and trending most wanted business model for these days. There are plenty of reasons to tow vehicles anywhere at any time. 

Reasons For Tow Vehicles :

The main reason for towing vehicles is for any repaired or breakdown vehicles, accidental vehicles, parking vehicles in no parking area, any police case vehicles, and other problems. It is difficult to take a vehicle from one place to another which is not in a good condition. The tow truck clone is created with the same as Uber’s core features and it can easily uplift these vehicles and your business.

There are three types of tow trucking vehicles in this business. 

        Type 1: Light Weight Towing Vehicles

        Type 2: Medium Weight Towing Vehicles

        Type 3:  Heavy Weight Towing Vehicles

Type 1: Light Weight Towing Vehicles             

                 The lightweight towing vehicle is very useful to uplift the light-weighted vehicles like  4 and 6 seater cars, 2 tire vehicles, 3 tire vehicles, and other lightweight vehicles are towed to the repaired shop or service center or anywhere else.

Type 2: Medium Weight Towing Vehicles  

                     The medium-weight towing vehicle is also very useful to uplift the medium-weighted vehicles like 10 seater cars, omnibus, Omni van, tempo trucks, load less lorry or trucks, 8 tire vehicles, and other medium-weighted vehicles, etc.. are also towed to the repaired shop or service center or anywhere else.

Type 3: Heavy Weight Towing Vehicles                 

                      The Heavyweight towing vehicle is also very useful to uplift the heavy weighted vehicles like loaded lorry or trucks, travel buses, loaded buses, 10 tire vehicles and other heavy weighted vehicles, etc.. are also towed to the repaired shop or service center or anywhere else.


The Main Crucial Features For Tow Trucking Script :

Geo Live Tracking – Users can track the provider location to view the truck arriving estimation time period.

Toggling Availability Status – Providers will be able to change the availability status as either online or offline.

Instant Chat/Call – Users are able to chat or call the providers to explain the location in a detailed manner.

Secure Payment – Uber For Tow trucks application is provided with the payment gateways with a secured platform like Paypal and wallet system.

Booking Cancellation – The booking can be canceled at any time if the user is willing to do it.

Ratings and Reviews – Users can rate or review the service providers for the service they’ve done to show the profiles with some customer experience.


Who is The Best Tow Trucking Script  Provider?

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