The world has been changing since the day man integrated business with digitization. 

The most prominent change happened in the field of eCommerce, which made people adapt furthermore digital methods like online payments.

This inspired many other youngsters and business enthusiasts to start their own businesses in eCommerce.

This is where the face of shopping changed and many people started adopting eCommerce marketplaces from small to very large businesses.

People started to develop their own platforms like Amazon clone to run their business.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the key factors you need to focus on before developing your own amazon clone and also the best suitable alternatives.

Key Factors to Focus on before developing:

  • Form a clear idea for your business plan

Before developing your own app, you need to define the problem you are going to solve for your selected target. So, frame your business around the problem.

  • Understand Customer Needs

To identify the problem, you need to understand the customer’s need for the solution you are providing. 

  • Analyze Selected Niche

To understand the needs of customers it is wise to conduct market research among your target with your solution or product as the base. 

  • Decide the Most Vital Features for Your App

Based on the research results obtained decide and finalize the necessary features for your application and website.

  • Start Design Process

After deciding and finalization of all the above methods, you can start the design process to attract the customer. Try to make it as unique as possible to make the customer make a purchase in your Amazon clone script.

  • Utilize App Templates

There are many app-building sites and software in the market so try and identify the right templates and make the most out of them to give the best appealing experience.

  • Code the Backend and the Frontend

You can use React JS, PHP, Python, Magneto, and other platforms to code and develop your Amazon clone.

  • Obtain Feedback from Initial Version

After development, you can do alpha and beta tests in small focus groups to gain insights and feedback to further develop and update your amazon clone website.

  • Optimize for Search Engine

Once you have finished the above steps it’s time to do optimizations to make your site and app show up on the search listing. You can do it yourself or you can go for a service provider to get it done for you.

  • Publish and develop the App

If you are satisfied with the results from the market research and other tests conducted you can officially publish the developed app and website.

  • Promote & Market

Do the required organic and inorganic promotions to market yourself and compete with your competition.

Based on all the above key factors you needed to focus, On if developing your own website and app like Amazon is going to take more time and cost for the complete development and publishing.

So, it is wise to partner up with a technology partner to help you create and run your own online eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace.

I’m going to tell you about the benefits you can receive from selecting a technology partner.

  • Free Server Installation
  • Free App Submission
  • Free Bug Support
  • On-time Support
  • 100% source code
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free White Labeling

And, We Trioagle Technologies are leading on-demand eCommerce script developers and we have created the Best Amazon Clone with all benefits and features to easily control and run your business successfully.

So, let me bring some features to light that you can use to manage your business and they are;

Manage Category

This helps the admin set up the different categories of products and their classifications depending on the nature of the product. New categories can be added in case of expanding the product range and can also delete or edit the existing categories.

Manage Payment Gateway

Helps set up the payment gateways through which the user can make payments for their purchases and the merchants can also receive their payments. Admin has access to all payments done and can add any account or method of payment he\she wants

Manage Shipping

Helps set up the shipping configurations, shipping countries, API, and cities the service has been offered. The shipping cost can also be determined and set by the admin for different products and ranges. The admin can establish his services in different countries and can easily manage the shipping through this function.

Commission History

This page gives details about the admin commission that has been paid and the earnings and can be filtered by date range. Gives the merchant a detailed history of the commission that they have paid for a particular product and their earnings in the purchase process.


Using the buy option, the user can purchase the product that they prefer with different payment options available in the script. With different payment options, the user can easily complete the transactions through different mediums if required.

These are the methods you can use to develop your own Amazon clone. 

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