Nowadays, chatting has become very common among people by using online platforms all over the world. Instant messaging has become a part of our daily lives. Not only chatting through text messages but also by voice message, voice calls, and video calls.

As WhatsApp is a successful application, WhatsApp attracts several business people that make them launch their own WhatsApp clone. This makes the WhatsApp Clone Application Development a familiar one.

This blog helps you to know how to build a feature-rich WhatsApp clone application that helps interaction between the users. To establish your own messaging application in a short period of time, Trioangle provides a script that will be a perfect choice for entrepreneurs. Some features are discussed below.

Top-Notch Messaging App- Key Role in Online Communication

The biggest role of online communication is to bring people all around the world to communicate with each other by using a common platform. A top-notch messaging app is a key platform that takes your online communication as user-friendly. By understanding the real-time needs, Trioangle now offers a feature-rich WhatsApp Clone App that takes your business model to the next level. 

Build a Top-Notch WhatsApp Clone from Trioangle

Trioangle builds contact between the user’s easy and simple by providing a WhatsApp clone application with the below-given features.

No Limit for Texting:

WhatsApp Clone application enables the user to send unlimited messages to other users or groups of users at the same time. This helps the user to communicate easily. But being connected to an internet connection is mandatory.


The file-sharing feature in the WhatsApp Clone allows the user to share photos, videos, docs, locations, and even contacts. The photos can be shared from the gallery or by taking pics from the application. The image quality can be selected by the user while sharing photos.

Voice Calls:

This feature helps the user to save money as we can make calls all around the world, free of cost. The audio call makes use of the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to the contacts that are saved in the mobile.

Video Calls:

This feature enables the users to connect to their friends virtually and it is applicable all over the world but the basic requirement for good quality video is high-speed internet. The user can speak only to the contacts that are saved on the mobile.

Competing Features to Make You Stay Ahead in Messaging

To survive in this competitive world, we have to be unique and include solitary features which will help to turn your messaging app into a top in the communication industry. 

Private Chat:

The private chat enables the user to interact with other users without the interaction of others. The user can receive images, files, videos, and PDF from other users. The private chat is very secure and safe to use.

Group Chat:

The users can interact with a group of people in the group chat by creating a group in which the admin has the access to join people in the group and kick out users from the group. There can also be multiple admins in the group. The group chat allows a bunch of people to interact in the group which will be viewed by all the members of the group.


The status option enables the user to post images, videos, links, and texts that will be visible to the contacts. The user has a privacy setting and decides who can see his status and who must not see the posted status. 

The status will be visible for 24 hours from the time of posting. The user can see the number of views and the viewer can comment on your status. The user can also delete the post if he needs to before the end of 24 hours.


The location-sharing option enables the user to share their location with their friends in case of meeting at a point. This location helps to reach the place accurately. There is an option called live location where the user can send the location to another user who can lively track the moves. 

Last Seen Settings:

The user has both the option to enable or disable the last seen option. This blocks others from seeing our last seen. If the last seen is disabled the user can also not see the last seen status of the recipient.

Bottom line:

If you want to overstep your competitors, you should choose the best WhatsApp Clone. Trioangle provides the best WhatsApp Clone with advanced features as mentioned in the blog, which will build you the best in the market for sure. We customize the application as per the needs of entrepreneurs and deliver on time. To know more about us, contact by below-given details.

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