Mobile phone usage was increased due to the availability and reach of smartphones and at every age. However, application development remains as expensive and tricky as ever. The below-mentioned points in this article will tell you how to make an app like an Amazon. That draws users from all over the world.

How do you start building an app like Amazon?

Before starting to build your application development, you should know more about Amazon, including its growth, origins, and success.  Amazon is the most well-known international eCommerce platform that offers consumer electronics, online retail, digital content, computing services, and other local services, such as grocery deliveries and daily deals, etc.

In 2018, Amazon became the leading e-retailer in the US. And they have generated revenue of more than 232 billion dollars. Most of the revenue comes from the online sales of electronics products and other goods.  Due to its reach and global appeal, Amazon has become one of the most highly-valued companies in the world today.

How To Create An App Like Amazon

Creating an app like Amazon from the scratch is a hassled development process. Hiring a developer for codings and ideas about the eCommerce app with advanced and innovative features is more expensive. Instead of creating an expensive app from scratch, the Readymade eCommerce script is more popular and cost-efficient, Filled with attractive features that make the users more engaged in online shopping.

Amazon Clone Script

Our Amazon clone script is one top moving software on the online eCommerce marketplace. This script is a helping hand for both admin and merchant to have a successful business with huge profitable outcomes. It comes with top features. This script is available on Web, Android, and iOS platforms for user convenience. Our script can be customizable as per your wish.

Amazon Clone Features

  • Social media integration
  • Wishlist option
  • A fast and simple checkout process
  • Hassle-free payment method
  • Social Media sharing
  • Multi-vendor platform
  • Follow seller/user/store
  • Advanced search filter
  • Unique designs, etc.

Merchant panel

Our Amazon Clone Script is a multi-vendor platform. Were multiple merchants and multiple products can be sold under one platform.

Buyer panel

It’s easy to login & Signup with our Amazon clone. Users sign-up through various social media logins like using Facebook, Gmail & Apple ID. The buyer panel is designed with attractive features which attract the users to engage in online shopping. 

Revenue Model

Service Fee: Admin can set a certain amount of commission from the buyer in percentage-wise while buying products. Once the order was placed successfully, the commission fee will automatically be deducted by the admin.

Merchant Fee: The merchant can sell their products in Amazon Clone. When the buyer ordered the product and done the transaction successfully, Admin will receive the amount and deducted the commission fee, then the amount is transferred to the merchant.

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