In recent days, an online marketplace to buy and sell products is a boon in an eCommerce business. A few popular sites in this sector where Amazon is the online store in the American eCommerce business marketplace. In recent days, many people became regular users of Amazon. 

Amazon users said that they are so mindful and comfortable with the features of the Amazon marketplace. The reality is that the revenue of this store made up-to $ 96.1 billion in Q3 2020. Which is one of the highly profitable companies in the eCommerce business. Many Entrepreneurs and startups wish to build a store like Amazon.

Features Of Amazon Clone 

Amazon Clone is an online shopping platform where merchants and buyers can sell and buy things easily. This script is available on Web, Android, and iOS platforms for user convenience. It has special features like social media sharing, multi-vendor platform, follow user/store which engages the users in online shopping.

The multiple currencies and multiple languages option make the buyers for an easy shopping experience where they can choose their own currency and languages based on the user’s wish. The user-friendly merchant panel which is easy to add the products pictures, video, and product description, price of the products by own.

Attractive Features Of Admin

Admin has the ability to control all the activity of the store and admin can manage the fee, also admin can set a certain percentage for the service. Admin can generate coupon code which makes the users excited about shopping and more enlightening features for hassle-free management.

Revenue Model Of Amazon Clone

Service Fee – Admin can set a certain amount of commission from the buyer in percentage-wise while buying products. Once the order was placed successfully, the commission fee will automatically be deducted by the admin.

Merchant Fee – The merchant can sell their products in the Spiffy. When the buyer orders the product and done the transaction successfully, Admin will receive the amount and deduct the commission fee, then the amount is transferred to the merchant.

Technologies In Amazon Clone

Amazon clone is developed with the advanced and latest technologies.

For Mobile Platforms swift for iOS platforms and java for android platforms.

For the Admin web panel Laravel framework and AngularJS are used

For Database connectivity, PHP and MySql are used

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