Education has always been a luxurious subject until technology became a daily requirement. From common uses to industries, the need for technology is high currently. 

The internet has created convenient all-inclusive access in a single sphere. Appreciating the effortlessly spectacular internet!

People from any corner of the world can access a wide variety of subjects at their place. Imagine if Platfo, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, and other critical thinkers got these technologies back in the day, they would have taken the world into a new dimension. 

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to bring a new revolution in the e-learning platform, then read this article. You can find a solution to why Udemy clone script is the best choice. 

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Why Should You On-Board With Udemy Clone App?

Statistics of the Udemy clone app will precisely show the reason why it is the best choice among other e-learning platforms. 

Let’s see why it is the right time!

A source has predicted that the e-Learning platform will be thriving by 200% in the last ten years. A US organization has noticed that there is a significant growth in the revenue of e-learning platforms. 

As we know Udemy is a popular e-Learning platform, and it is the first platform to reach high in the market with 49 million users worldwide, we must include its statistics. 

If you see their revenue number in the last year, it will blow your mind. It increased its revenue scale up to $599.22 million in the last year. 

Types Of e-Learning Business For Your Udemy Clone App

In this digital era, transformation is a constant thing. E-learning has improved its functionality a lot with its unique ideas. Let’s look at the types of e-learning businesses. 

Personal Learning

Personal learning works in a way to connects tutors and learners seamlessly. A platform like this is customized according to the tutor and learner’s needs and preferences. To give a personalized educational experience, you need to study your target audience and think from a business perspective and user’s perspective like how they use it.  

Here, pupils can study in two ways, virtual class and material learning. learners assess their studying process and upgrade. Tutors can’t estimate the process. Let’s look at the key aspects of personal learning in e-learning. 

  • As it is customized content, pupils can skip familiar study material and go for other lessons, which makes them choose other courses. 
  • It provides flexible time. With the option, users can take time and study. It keeps them for a long time.
  • Pupils can access more than two or three courses at a time. 
  • The platform allows pupils to interact with tutors through email and the in-built messaging app.

Educator App

It functions the same as personal learning. The educator app allows tutors and learners to connect without presenting physically but the difference is tutors assess learner’s progress. The platform supports instructors to earn and share their knowledge with others and learners to study easily. 

The platform is an education provider and capitalist sphere with lucrative features like lesson planning, content creation, assessment tools, student progress tracking, and more. Let’s look at what is unique in the educator app! 

  • The platform allows tutors to freely create their study material and plan their classes schedule. 
  • Educators assess the student’s progress and improve where they are struggling. 
  • The app facilitates tutors and learners with in-built message features to communicate with each other. 
  • From collecting student data, the platform provides what learners want. It is a platform’s smart way of earning.

Corporate Training 

From the title, you have guessed that it is something within an organization or company. The objective behind the learning type is to increase the knowledge of students or employees within an organization or company. 

For instance, not that you need to offer this type of service to an organization, you can provide schools and colleges.  If you partner with a school, you can provide courses related to school education.

Corporate training apps allow learners to learn things like leadership development, technical skills, soft skills, compliance training, and more. As it is a corporate training app, does not mean that it is limited to one organization.  You can offer your platform to various organizations with different security keys. 

  • The platform provides soft skills like communication, teamwork, leadership, and time management, which will increase revenue growth. 
  • Your app can train new employees to familiarize them with company culture, values, and job responsibilities.

There is huge resourcefulness in the e-learning platform. You can succeed in your business, by choosing any of the e-learning business ideas.

Cost Of Developing A Udemy Clone App For Your Business

Many change their preference in choosing the platform after looking at the cost-effectiveness. With the Udemy clone app, it is not the same case. Let’s see why! 

When it comes to cost value, it is hard to estimate because the value differs based on the complexity of the platform. The factors that affect cost- value are 

  • Features and complexity
  • Types of platforms
  • App development team
  • Location
  • Technologies

Let’s break down the cost-effectiveness between scratch development and customised development to find which is the best:

  • When you start from scratch, the basic estimation will take around $25,000. If you go for complex features and functionalities, it will go higher further. 
  • If you want to develop your e-learning platform with a minimal budget and short time, the best option is customization. The basic cost-effectiveness is around $5,000 to 10,000. 

If you ask me which will be correct, I will say the customization option. You don’t have to spend time developing the full platform.  With the customization, you can personalize the platform as your business requirements. 

So far, we have seen two factors. Let’s look at the final factor, features. 

The Significant Features Of The Udemy Clone App                

To give a smooth and convenient interface, you need to choose the correct choice. The Udemy clone app has features that streamline the workflow effortlessly. 

Track Student Progress

The platform allows students to evaluate themselves by looking at their progressive board. This feature is common in all types of e-learning business. 

Track Attendance

Tutors can take attendance for each class like the traditional method. It helps the tutors to know about the student presence and learners can not skip the class.

Admin Panel    

The platform owner gets all the management features like managing history, managing language and currency, managing reports and blocks, and more. With all the aspects, the admin can control the platform conveniently.   

Easy Login                          

The learners and tutors can only use the platform after signing up with their accounts. This feature is to check the authentication of the users.       

Offline Learning 

Many e-learning platforms follow this feature. Users can download the subject, by clicking the download option. Many platforms use this feature in their subscription.    

Concluding Note,       

Hope you find the blog useful and that developing the Udemy clone app is the right choice for your e-learning business.

A quick reminder note to what we have seen in the blog: We have seen types of e-learning platforms, cost-effectiveness, and features. 

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