If you are in the taxi dispatch field then obviously you would have known about the Uber Clone script to take over the online platform. Because in the technology driving era one has to get adapt accordingly.

In business “Get Adapt Yourself or Wave Bye and Get Back To Home

Do you know something interesting ? Currently Uber has more than 80 million users operating around 77 countries and its revenue is about 11.27 billion(USD). All this happens in a decade of time. Might be, the reason behind this success would be because of the low cost compared to the traditional taxi service.

This significant growth shows the requirement of the taxi dispatch platforms. One more additional benefit is already people well know about this convenience and also laid red carpet and accepted that. So as a relief If you are about to start this you have to concentrate on the “Branding” alone

Okay fine let’s dive in to the topic.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App like Uber ?

The very first thing you need to know before checking the Uber clone app is, it encompasses two separate application with the different functionalities that is

  • The Rider App – To request a ride
  • The Driver App – To accept the ride request

The cost or charge of the Uber app depends on the features and functionalities enclosed in the app. Another metric to be considered is platform compatibility of the app, a separate app in android and iOS which is natively built to concentrate multiple audience.

Some of the Basic Features That Will Be Involved Is

For Rider App

Sign up – Riders can easily get signed up with the eMail id or through the social media they prefer. For security reasons Facebook OTP setup has been included.

Booking Interface – The riders are supposed to enter the pickup and the destination location so that they can make their travel smooth.  

Real Time Tracking – One of the must required features for the taxi booking field is real time tracking, with the google API integration will provide better results.

Price Calculator –  Estimate time of arrival and cost is much effective for the riders to take over the ride in ease

Online payments – When world moves in cashless transaction including payment gateways like Paypal, stripe becomes obligate one for the regular business, So that we included it.

Rating And Reviews – Instead of blowing your own trumpet about your business, ratings and reviews has the additional power to tweak your business high. Also you can understand about how your business works.

Push Notification – The instant notification regarding the updates will help both the riders and the drivers to know about the status of the ride. It acts as an additional benefit for the business.

Basic Features Of The Riders App

Register – The driver can get enrolled in the service by uploading the required documents like license, insurance and other papers in one go and signing up easily to accept the ride request.

Online / Offline Mode – The driver have the full convenience to choose what he needs. He can toggle between offline or online mode, For drivers convenience this features is kind of mandatory to be included

Navigation – The driver has to travel to the known and the unknown areas. So better google navigation is one of the supporters for the driver to make the trip effective.

The features and functionalities doesn’t end here, The admin panel remains in the list. The admin dashboard with functionalities is there to monitor the entire business effectively.

Technology Incorporated To Built The App

  • In backend, the programming language deployed is Node JS, PHP 7.1, CSS3, Angular JS, HTML 5
  • For android app – Java
  • For iOS app -Swift 3.3

Beyond the technology used the cost of the app development is depended on the

  • Web development
  • Backend development
  • Design
  • Native app development
  • Database management and others.

So overall with the set of package you can buy the MVP product for $1500 to $2000. Even you can also buy only the android alone version or iOS alone versions and the cost will be charged accordingly.

In other cases if you demand customization or requesting any add ons then the cost may rise up to another 500 $. It depends on the customization you demands.

If you are interested in On Demand Uber Clone Script to make use of the Uber for X module then customization is also provided at affordable package.

The charge includes the app submission, bug support and other support from the vendors. If you need any guidance regarding On Demand Clone Script  feel free to contact us at [email protected]