Smartphones are the most needed gadgets for the people around the world. Today a maximum of businesses are switching over to digital business which is easily accessible using smartphones. Here the  Handyman App Like Uber plays a prime role in boosting up the business in the market. In real time these applications help the users by serving on-demand services.

To raise the business economy, this technology gives an opportunity and an accurate interconnection is established between users and service providers. So, the user interaction will be easier for the business. The On-Demand Handyman Services App enables the startup with low investment which can be cost efficient for starting the business. No need for a physical office for managing the business, here you can manage the business from the place you live.

Exciting Features Of On-Demand Handyman Services App

The Development of the includes the three units.

Users Application

This application includes the account owner’s profile, search panel to find services and service providers, Reviews and ratings submission for service providers, service appointment booking, real time tracking, multiple payment options, customer support, etc..

Service Providers Application

This application includes the account profile same as the user’s application, booking acceptable or rejectable, mentioning the providable service, push notification for booking and service alerts, earnings tracking, availability switch, etc..   

Admin Panel

Through this panel you can manage both the service providers and users profile, the order and services can be trackable, price can be fixed for each service, payment and commission reports can be viewed through the dashboard.

Account Creation

The Service provider can register and login to this application using their mobile number. When it comes to the user, they can use their Facebook ID, Google ID, Apple ID and Mobile number, then they can upload the document of experience for verification. For security reasons.

Navigation System

The user can track the service provider after the booking gets confirmed. The service providers can also reach the accurate location of the service with the live navigation feature.

Payment System 

A payment method is easy for the customer with the integrated online payment option in the app.  Such as Paypal, Strip, Wallet and they can go with the direct cash payment to the service provider. 

Notification Alert

This feature gives the alert notification about the service acceptance, service providers arrivals, service completion and the new offers.

Service History

This feature shows the previously completed service history with the date and time of the service. This helps in booking for feature service needs.

Ratings And Review Submission

The users can submit reviews and ratings for the service providers towards their service experience and it will help other users to choose the service provider easily. Same as the service provider can also submit the reviews and ratings for the users to whom they have done a service. 

Advantages Of Uber Like App For Handyman

Business Advantages

  • The business will be more secure and expandable.
  • The user’s comfortness will build up.
  • Service providers satisfaction will improve.
  • An authoritative network will be developed between the users and service providers.
  • Value for the brand will heighten. 
  • Business continues without any deviation. 
  • The conversion rate will increase. 
  • Uplift in revenue from the investment.

User Advantages

  • Need to spend less time.
  • The cost will be economical. 
  • Search option is simplified. 
  • Uncomplicated payment options.
  • On service can be experienced.

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