Deliveroo clone is a customizable application that helps to build an on-demand food-ordering and delivery platform instantly. The platform is full-featured and packed with an easy user interface that is easy for admins to manage every order.

The platform unites consumers and restaurants and helps customers to order their favorite food and deliver it to their doorstep.

Deliveroo clone solution setup included three modes, a customer setup application, delivery partner setup application, restaurants web panel, and an admin panel for the admin. In this blog, let us discuss how the Deliveroo clone app solution works.

Deliveroo clone application Functionalities

The Deliveroo clone business model is simple and hassle-free. The platform unites customers, restaurants, and delivery partners.

Functionalities in the customer setup application.

  • Customers can find their favorite restaurant’s menu to order their favorite food.
  • After placing an order app shows the order status placed or waiting for the restaurant confirmation or restaurant deny.
  • Once the restaurant accepts the order status changed to confirmed.
  • A delivery partner who is near the restaurants’ location is assigned to deliver the order.
  • Delivery partners or customers can contact each other to deliver food.
  • Delivery partner delivers customer’s food to customers’ doorstep.
  • Customers can review both the delivery partner service based on delivering experience and the restaurants for their food.

Functionalities in the delivery partner setup application.

  • The delivery partner receives a notification from the restaurant once the food is prepared.
  • They have options to either accept or deny the request.
  • If the delivery partner accepts the request, they receive info about the restaurant location and delivery location.
  •  Delivery partner picks up the order from restaurants and delivers it to the customer’s location.
  • If the delivery partner denies the requested order is reassigned to other nearby delivery partners.

Functionalities in the restaurant web panel

  • The restaurant receives an order notification with details about the order.
  • They have options to accept or deny the order.
  • If restaurants accept the order, they prepare the food items listed out in order.
  • Once the food is prepared they click the ‘ready to deliver’ option. then the app sends a notification to a nearby delivery partner about the delivery request. 
  • Once delivery partners receive the delivery request and accept pickup. 
  • Then the delivery partner reaches the restaurant and picks up the order and delivers it to the customer’s location.


I believe this blog gave complete information on the Deliveroo clone application functionalities on each mode. The Deliveroo clone application setup has all the functionalities and features that let your food-delivery business run smoothly and efficiently.  

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