In the United States, UberEats is one of the most famous food delivery corporations and it was launched in San Francisco, California. In 2014, the company was exposed to more investors to make a larger tier of food delivery services. 

In this blog, we would like to know how to launch a startup and how to make running a startup to earn high profits. 

Food Delivery Works

In our Food delivery script, we have restaurant login, user login, and driver login.


The user can login through email, phone number, or with using a social media login, After the user login to the account, the user searches the restaurant to order food, it proceeds to a payment option like a credit card, debit card, wallet, or COD process. Once completed the payment process automatically it will get notified to the restaurant partner and the user can track the driver location, once the food is delivered to the user, who later gives ratings and review.


The driver will login into the driver app and submit documents to get verified as a driver. Once the document has to get verified by the admin, the admin approves, the driver can start to take order delivery immediately.  The nearby restaurant driver will get notified by the restaurant. Once the driver gets an order, the driver could pick up food from the store and deliver it to the user. The driver gets COD from the user, the driver sends the amount to the admin after deducting his commission.


The Restaurant partner should create and login to the account and add menu items for the users, once the order received from the user, the restaurant makes an order ready and sends the notification to the driver to deliver the orders. Once the order is delivered to the user, the payment will be done. 


Admin will monitor all the orders and all sources through the admin dashboard panel. Admin can manage orders, users, languages, currencies, payment methods, and more. If the user has done the payment through the COD process, the driver will deduct his commission and transfer it to admin. 

Revenue Model For UberEats Clone

Booking Or Services Fee: In our GoferEats, Admin can receive a commission fee from the restaurant partners on the cost of each item that is ordered by the Eaters. 

Restaurant Partners Commission Fee: GoferEats was developed to help restaurant partners attract more eaters and reach a larger customer by listing their restaurant placements or suggested list.

Delivery Fee OR Convenience Fee:  GoferEats help the admin to charge a flat delivery fee from its customers for their order. The delivery charges will vary depending on the eater’s location and availability. 

Driver Commission Fee: The amount that GoferEats says it charges their drivers are 25%(can be changed as per the admin wish), but it actually takes a little more than that from their earnings. 

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