Short flashback to the pandemic period, there were no opportunities for businesses to upscale during that period. But, mobile applications saw a new uprising. Mobile applications provided a way to businesses to monetize their businesses. 

The uses and requirements of mobile applications were sky-high. One thing is clear: mobile applications are a significant object in the past and future. 

Mobile apps are important for any business, not only for smooth business operations and functioning but also as a separate platform for revenue generation. You may have many doubts about revenue like how apps make money. 

This question is not surprising. Certainly, mobile applications have a lot of merits. There is a lot of investment that goes into making an app in terms of money and time. It is so natural for business owners to want to make money through apps. 

To earn through your application, Technical knowledge is not required. Many mobile app development services companies are out there to help you kick-start your business. 

In this article, We will look at some of the most effective ways to make money with mobile apps. And how to make money from apps by publishing them in the app store to get compliant income. 

The benefits of mobile apps are greater than what we gain from paid apps. Let’s see the ways to make money with applications.

Great Ways To Monetize With Mobile Applications:

The main perspective of anyone in business would be making money. It is not a harmful thing to think of business as a revenue generator. Apps hold the ability to bring in billions of dollars in a year but only a few apps could make it to the reach. 

If you still can’t believe that mobile can’t make a sufficient amount of revenue, Data says that the first 200 apps on the app store can manage to earn around $82,500 daily. We have given the ways in depth below. Let’s look!

In-app advertising: 

One of the simplest methods to make money is using an advertisement in apps. Each time a user clicks an ad or you show an ad in your app, you will get paid as an app owner. In the case of banner ads and video ads, owners are more likely to get paid more.

You can display four kinds of ads for monetizing your app. However, it is important now whether audiences like it or dislike it. This helps you give what kind of app can run in the future and strengthen the model to generate more revenue.

The three kinds of ads include Interstitial, prestitial, and banners ad. Interstitial ads are pop-ups that cover your entire screen whereas prestitial ads appear before displaying the content. Banner ads appear either on the top or bottom of the screen. These ads are on the display without interrupting screen views.

App owners have to keep track of whether your target audience finds the ads useful and compelling or not.


Subscription is another way to earn money with mobile applications. If you find advertisements may not be appealing in your app and to your users, consider choosing a subscription method.

App owners can choose to offer free content in their apps for a particular time and then charge users a subscription fee that will allow them to access full content without any restrictions.

The popular technique that many app owners follow is giving a free trial and later charging the subscription fee to those who wish to continue to access the app content. Cloud services, audio and video streaming, and online news services use the subscription option to upscale their business. 

This strategy works better than a one-time cost to both users and app owners. Users can decide how many days or months that subscription should be activated. As more users come to the platform, owners can generate more revenue.


There are a lot of sponsors with a similar niche as you. This is one of the most effective techniques in terms of revenue. 

Once you have found a suitable sponsor, you can design your application by combining your and the sponsor’s idea. If you want your app to be successful in the market, make it clear that the app is selected for personalized users on behalf of a sponsoring particular brand. 

For instance: If you have an app for your restaurants and added new features that facilitate certain users. There are two ways to make this deal happen such as every monthly sponsorship and a revenue-sharing model. 

In-App Purchases:

One of the best app monetization strategies is in-app purchases. It is directly made within the free mobile apps and is usually quite a simple process. A particular person has access to powerups, restrictive levels, additional features, or more. 

In simple terms, App owners sell varieties of virtual items directly from the app with an in-app purchases model. Many gaming applications have this model to encourage their users so that users employ the app for a long time. This model is used by game owners because of digital money such as gems and coins. However, it is possible in on-demand apps too.

Some data say that apps with in-app purchases generate more revenue. This strategy is going to dominate in the years to come.

This strategy is based on the freemium model, where you get an app for free but later pay for premium features, advanced levels, or access to premium content for an upgrade. In truth, It is a popular model.

Concluding Note: 

Before, making money from mobile apps was a questionable thing. But times have changed and the industry also has so. Not only are people recovering the cost of building an app but are also making a fortune with it. 

There are many ways to let your audience use your app without paying and at the same time, your app users generate your revenue.  

Still, if you have doubts, you can clear them with an experienced mobile app development services company.