Rapidly, the On-demand world is mainly driven by many platforms that set new trends on a global scale.

They have also made many retail business modes obsolete by changing the purchase behavior of the consumers.

They made people buy products from the place they are at rather than going to a shop.

They also introduced many retail practices like comparing and offers to make people more loyal to their business.

People started their own eCommerce businesses using clone scripts.

Fancy Clone established its dominance in the business world when these changes occurred.

Not many people could maintain good progress in this field and go out of business.

This blog will discuss what they didnt focus on to sustain in this field. Let’s focus on how you can optimize your Fancy clone script to generate more profit for your business.

11 Factors to Focus on:

  • Keep it Simple:

The first and foremost thing is to keep your site and app simple and easy to use for your users.

This is an important factor because people tend to make purchases and gain trust in businesses that are simple to use. This makes users share their experiences among their network to influence more people to make more sales.

  • Make branding a priority:

Any business needs a brand image and identity so that it is more visible among its competitors.

So, create a branding campaign for your business that will easily be recognizable to people when they see it. It is best if you get an expert to create your branding strategy.

Also, design the best strategies so that you can influence people more through visual aids.

  • User color schemes to your advantage:

For your branding and you’re Clone use the perfect color schemes so that it is more attractive to your target audience.

The best option is to use templates available online to choose a perfect color scheme for your business. You can also go for an expert so that you can finalize your schemes based on your features and customers.

  • Use high-quality images:

Your Fancy clone has to maintain a high-quality appearance so that people can easily view and understand what you’re providing.

Use a very high-quality image of your products which will drive more traffic for your business. Take pictures of your products and do not paste fake photos of your products

  • Easily navigatable:

You have to make your clone easily navigatable so that any user can use it from any place.

This factor is considered the most traffic-generating method. You can make new upgrades and make it easier with a little animation to drive more visibility for your business.

  • Make it highly responsive:

The site and your app will be the front end of your business so make it more responsive.

Make your platforms more agile and responsive so that the user can gain the experience you intend to give them from any device and place.

  • Give a professional look:

Make your site and app look more professional with features that will support it.

You should add standard features the business offers along with advanced features that will make you stand out from your competitors.

  • Think like a visitor:

The main idea to gain more visitors and make more sales is by thinking like a visitor.

Device strategies and offers that are based on the perspective of a visitor. Eliminate problems that will stop your customer from making a purchase from your business to increase sales and gain more profits.

  • Make checkouts simple:

Another important factor that will generate you more profit is by making checkout simpler and easier to perform.

Your Fancy clone must have a very flexible and agile payment and checkout system so that your customers can make purchases. Add many platforms based on your location of the business so that users can pay from any bank partners.

  • Use social proof:

The best method to create trust is by placing reviews and social proof from customers. 

Take action on negative reviews before they can influence other customers. Get video testimonials from your customers so that others can understand the unique experience they have gained from your business. 

  • Promote on your product page:

The last but not the least method to increase profit is by doing cross and up sales on your products.

Once your user decides to finalize their product you can make new and similar options come to their knowledge. You can also make promotions on the product page using your templates to gain more visitors for products and increase your sales.

These are the main focuses to generate more revenue for your Fancy Clone script.

Our Fancy clone is built based on these factors by using advanced features available in our clone.

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