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In this pandemic situation, we all suffer to move out. Not only us, everyone needs to stay at home and be safe. But many of you have a question, what we do for food, grocery, medicines, and some more needs? To manage these kinds of situations, we people are looking to get the best source to overcome the cons. Oh, all right! For that, people have the sellotape to the online medium. It’s a simple step to order and get the item at the doorstep with the safeguard hood. 

Well, many people have started to look forward to making a time suitable to build their own businesses like Online food delivery business, online grocery delivery business, or some more to use this period meaning full. Even all delivery can take place in a single business source and a.k.a one-box solution for all delivery platforms. 

To help those aspects, Trioangle had taken some efforts with their young and well-skilled professionals. They have cropped up software that has been named as GoferDelivery All. 

Let’s move deeper into the concept to know about GoferDelivery All

What Is GoferDelivery All?

GoferDeliveryAll is the one-stop solution for the entrepreneurs to hit-off the business based on their choice, and every trend depends. Thus, it can also be called a multi-service online home delivery script

It’s a boon for them to get all the essential delivery in one great application such as food, grocery, pharmacy, alcohol, and some more home delivery script. Which makes the customer have tranquil and seamless steps to enjoy the home delivery service. 

That sounds good!

It’s available on both web and mobile applications with top-rich features, catchy designs, mind-stunning benefits, and money-making aspects. 

Superiority Features To Strong Up Business

SMS/Email Management: The admin can send off numerous SMS or email to the specific or total customers. 

Track Orders:  Users and Stores can easily track the orders from their GoferDeliveryAll app. Tracking is also available for the Store owners to track the driver from floor to User’s doorsteps. 

Services Type Management: One of the highlighting options for the admin to segregate the services. They can add and edit the services based on their wish. Such as food, groceries, and so on. 

Bulk Import: The admin and the store can import the menu items into the application. 

Schedule Order: Users can pre-order their favorite essentials from a particular Store at a certain time according to their appetite and can schedule the time of delivery. 

Instant Notifications: Users, stores, and drivers get instant notifications with the help of the Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology about the driver details and order details. 

Multiple Payment Options: Users can pay for their orders through various payment options like Cash, Wallet, Paypal, and Debit / Credit Cards.

Summing up: 

This script also comes with more benefits to help the admin to have a risk-free business. Even to make you much clear, Trioangle has a crew to help you out, and also they have a lively demo to give a visual explanation. To know more contact [email protected] or ping on 6379630152