Grofers Clone application is a setup developed based on the Grofers online grocery delivery application. In the post-pandemic, the online grocery delivery business is doubtlessly a top business. It is expected to be successful in the upcoming years too. Nowadays, customers expect online grocery shopping and they don’t want to spend their precious time at a grocery shop. So, online grocery delivery applications are getting the spotlight. Grofer is one of those applications, features available in the Grofers clone application attain customers’ expectations.

Let’s see the workflow of the Grofers clone application in this blog.

Grofers – Facts, Statistics:

  • The name “Grofers” refers to the phrase “grocery gophers.”
  • Grofers is an Ordering and delivery service application founded in 2013 in India. 
  • Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa are founders of Grofers application.
  • Grofers Serving More than 29 cities in India.
  • Grofers Revenue $34 M in 2019.
  • Grofers employed nearly 3,014 Employees in 2019.
  • Ios, Android, Website Platforms can support Grofers application.
  • More than 5000 stores partnered with the Grofers application.
  • 25,000 Products are Available on the Grofers application.
  • Number of Products Available on Grofers.

Grofers Clone Application Step By Step Workflow:

Register/Login process:

  • The registration is the first step to start the application for the ordering through the application. The registration process is smooth and seamless with just filling up a few pieces of info that would approve the registration with the app.
  • After the registration, the user can log into the application.
  • There are multiple options available for registration and login. The user can use the standard way, or they can use social media login.

Search The Menu Options:

  • There are multiple options like instant delivery and scheduled delivery for delivery. The user can pick anyone from those on the home screen according to their needs.
  • The menu options will make it easy to pick the item. A tap on the product would add it to the cart, and the user can find more products.
  • Before finalizing the purchase, the user can check the cart and make changes if required. After selecting the products, they can place the order for delivery.

Payment Modes:

  • Easy payment method is one of the unique parts of our online delivery application where the users can enjoy seamless payment options.
  • There are multiple payment modes available for the user. The user can pick any one of the options to process payment.
  • E-wallet options are also available. To check the balance of the E-wallet options available inside the payment part to know anytime.
  • In case, the user has any coupon or promotional codes they can use them at the time of the payment process to get the maximum benefit of the code.

 The Store Processes:

  • Once the user placed an order, the details of that order are sent to the store.
  • The store can take or refuse the order as per the availability of the product. If it accepts the order, the store packs the products as soon as possible to hand over to the delivery partner.
  •  The delivery driver is assigned to pick up and deliver the package to the customer’s location.
  • The delivery driver can use the maps to find the path for the customer’s location.

Tracking and Invoicing:

  • The invoice includes all basic required details like base price, applicable tax, payment method, the total amount.
  • The delivery status is available with the order number for easy tracking.
  • The estimated delivery time is included in users’ screens to find the exact time of delivery.

Ratings and Feedback:

  • Review and rating options are available to share the experience about the delivery service and products.
  • The stores can also share their experience about the order from their review and rating options.
  • This option is the best way to share their views about the order.

The History Options

  • The order history section options are available to keep track of previously placed orders.
  • The user can also select the same order from the history section to place the order most easily. 
  • Once the order is delivered, details of the order are stored in the order history section.

Summing Up:

If you are one of the investors thinking about investing in an online grocery delivery business, you landed in the right place. Support needs to be stable and on time to ensure the highest user satisfaction in the delivery business. Our Grofers clone application workflow is the best design to ensure customer satisfaction. To start your new business, get in touch with us to know more about the app and free live demo before placing an order.


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