Gee!!! you are in the right path for Your classified business with our script.  Let’s start our drive to know about the PassUp Admin features. There are thirteen features in our admin panel. We look out the each features one by one with proper erudition(information). Let me treat your vision with dazzling words.

Features In PassUp Admin Panel:

Dashboard: One of the most outstanding tools for an admin is a dashboard, they can easily check out the user’s and products details and activities can view within the single panel in the regular and total bases.

Admin Management: The admin can manage their sub admins record details within the panel itself.  Such as Id, User name, Emails, Status, User id created details, Current activity.

Users Management: Users details like name, id, emails, created at, an activity can be recorded in the admin panel itself.

Products Management: The admin can watch out the products specifications such as ID, Product name, User name, Status, Created at, Action, Product sold out are displayed on the panel.

Category Management: An admin can easily figure out the stuff categories mention as like as ID, Category name, Is feature, Type, Status, Actions can be view with full swing in the panel.

Car Management: In the dashboard, an admin can manage the car details like Manage Fuel Type, Manage Transmission, Manage to Make/Models, Manage Body Type and so on can be look over in the panel.

Site Setting Management: They can easily customize the image(logo, favicon ), API credentials,  Email setting, Join us by the single panel.

Reviews Management: The admin can inspect the user review for the product or services can be analyzed in the panel. Such as the aspects are Rating, Comment, Feedback details, User from, User to and so.

Manage Blocked Users: If any dilemmas between both buyer and seller, an admin can block the problematic one through panel itself.

Manage Currencies: The numerous currencies can be managed by the admin easily through the panel like Code, Symbol, Rate and so on.

Features for the users are explained by this blog, check it out

Conclusion: These are the dazzling aspects of our classified script. At the admin can manage reports-reasons, manage services and so on by the single panel without time and distance barriers. I think the information about our script may surely support the business visioners to hold effortless business. Are you like to have a trip with our script merely dab on the following link or you can feel free to contact [email protected]