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The chapters of our lives are written in the ink of transformation, etching profound shifts in our standards of living. Technology’s evolution is an advanced and tremendous revolution of all. It has changed how we move, shop, communicate, and pay. 

With top-notch and instantaneous assistance, the business has grabbed the opportunities and seen high-rise growth. Gojek, a multi-service platform based in Indonesia, has brought an innovative idea to the delivery service market, providing multi-service in a single arena. 

I have the best solution for entrepreneurs to upscale their business with the Gojek Clone app. In this article, you get insights into leveraging your business. 

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Expanding Your Business Success With Customer Base

Understanding target audiences is a backbreaking work. You can start your business only if you know what they want.

The main thing to give consideration is the platform’s interface. You know that interface decides the platform’s success. Also, it is super important for serving loyal customers. 

Think that your audience must not be tech-savvy. If your platform is easy to use, more people will use the platform. 

Your multi-service platform should be straightforward. People should find services, purchase them, and pay without any hassle. This way, you can attract a lot of customers and make them come often. 

Supplying Diverse On-Demand Multi-Services 

As said Gojek is a multi-service platform, including 70+ services for your Gojek clone app is important. The services include transportation services, food, medicine, grocery delivery, water, courier, and handyman services. 

The app is like a gig economy service. It has changed how we get taxis, food, groceries, and more, providing an easy lifestyle.  Many companies and delivery providers are getting lucrative revenue opportunities, which makes the platform a capitalist sphere.

Do you have doubts about whether including will be beneficial for your business? Let’s look at the statistics. 

The global revenue of the ride-hailing business is 55% this year and the percentage is anticipated to increase by US$312.60 billion. Food delivery apps leverage its revenue size to $26 billion. There is no sign for going down and it will grow to$43 billion by 2025. The home service apps, and handyman service platform, were worth $869.95 billion in the last year. 

It shows that all services are in demand in the market. Missing out any one will be a loss for your business so it is crucial to include all the services to attract audience attention. 

The Cutting-Edge Features Of Gojek Clone App

Another reason for the Gojek clone‘s success is its features. To increase your user base, you need to implement your app with the latest features. 

Let’s look at the significant features of the Gojek clone app!

Service Selection

Users can select their service, finding it with a search option. Users get a panel with a list of services like taxi, delivery, electrician, carpentry, and more home services. For instance, if they pick a taxi service, a list of taxi drivers comes with their bio and other personal details. 

Real-Time Tracking  

Real-time tracking gives real-time experience, allowing users and drivers to track each other location. Users can track drivers’ location status while drivers get the user’s location. This feature offers convenience, transparency, and more. 

Multiple Payment Option 

The platform streamlines payment options, providing multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, credit card, Internet banking, and cash on delivery.  Offering multiple and secure options increases your platform’s success.

In-Built Chat

Gojek clone app provides an in-built chat app that allows users to communicate within the app instead of depending on third-party platforms.  

To build a successful platform like Gojek, use advanced features.

Picking The Right Revenue Methodology For Your Gojek Clone App

Monetization is a key for long-sustaining in the market. When you choose a revenue model, make wise decisions. 

Let’s look at the monetization tactics! 

Subscription Fees

Some customers use this feature to experience an advanced and more convenient experience. Users need to pay a fee to access the exclusive features quarterly or yearly. 

Commission Fees

The platform earns through getting paid from booking that is made by customers. Think of it like a reward. 

Delivery Charges

Users pay a delivery charge when they book a service like food, grocery, and courier. The platform shares the amount with drivers. 

Third-Party Ad Banners 

You can let other companies promote their business on your platform and you can charge them for it. It is a smart way of earning revenue. 

Cancellation Charges

This feature is used when someone cancels the booking at the last minute. The store or company can take the amount from users for cancelling the order. 

Soar To The Crowning Achievement With Gojek Clone App

Many think that pre-made apps are similar to custom app development or it is not the best at performance. 

The conception is mistaken. 

Gojek clone app brings you leveraged growth with cost-effectiveness, limited time for launch, and quick launch. With custom app development, it is a different scenario. You need huge investment, time and also it takes time for launch.

The one drawback you may see in pre-made apps is quality. Our app, the Gojek clone app, is built to compensate for the factors that are in the original app. 

Let’s look at the factors!


Scalability is an important aspect of the online platform. You can enlarge your platform according to the user base, features, UI/UX design, and more. 

Support for both platforms

The platform should support both iOS and Android as the users for both platforms are huge. You should not miss any of your audience. 

Payment Gateways

The platform follows a secured protocol to give a trusted transaction experience. The Gojek clone app has the same security aspect as the original platform. 

Concluding Part,

Gojek has increased its market size to 100 million this year, following the above-mentioned factors. And it has generated $5.9 billion as of now. A prediction that it is not nearly going down any soon. 

If you want to upscale your super delivery business like Gojek, get insight into the development process and cost-effectiveness. 

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