Almost 80% of the world’s population has practiced shopping for groceries online during the pandemic period. Hence, presently online grocery delivery app like Instacart are experiencing great demand in the market. Also, showering with higher revenue and gaining huge profit numbers. 

This demand and the industry’s future scope have been visioned by many entrepreneurs, which forced them to launch apps like Postmates. 

Would you also have the same thought to start an app like Instacart? Then this is the blog to take a look at before delving into the business development process. 

Why Is Instacart Like Grocery Delivery App? 

Instacart is one of the top renowned players in the grocery delivery industry, It was founded in the year 2012 by Apoorva Mehta and is based in the countries United States and Canada. 

Instacart’s app structure, its business and revenue model, app’s performance have inspired both buyers and entrepreneurs. Launching a similar app in the industry will reach a wider range of audience soon, because of the eternal experience. 

Let’s see the three vital matters to choosing the Instacart clone model for your online grocery delivery business.

Easy Business Model Of Instacart Like Delivery App

The business model of Instacarts has a transparent process for all the stakeholders such as platform owners, consumers, and grocery vendors. 

It follows the aggregator model, so there would be less investment for the platform owners. An example of this model is, UberEats. Various grocery vendors were connected with the app, as per the order schedule the delivery process will occur by the respective shop with the delivery partner. 

Simple App Structure

The apps like Instacart follow a simple structure, which leads the users to process quick shopping. This is because of the quirky search options, UX/UI designs, the simple user navigation page, and the comfort features. Admiring users via smooth app performance will influence your grocery delivery app forever. 

For a clear process and transaction, Instacart-like apps possess two different parts, for customers and for the vendors. This will execute an explicit process that results in smooth order completion. 

Enticing Revenue Model

For the platform owners, an Online grocery business with the Instacart clone apps is dealing with the best revenue model. It is by the dynamic streams of revenue in the Instacart model.  You can earn revenue from the commission, subscriptions, extravagant deals and offers in the premium listings, and more. 

Some of the above vital reasons will show you the reason for choosing the Instacart-like app structure for your grocery delivery startup. 

Let’s understand the metiers of how your grocery delivery app should appear and its core features. 

Critical Parts To Look at In The Grocery Delivery App Development

When it comes to app development you should generally focus on the below common factors, which will consequent a big in your grocery delivery app’s success. 

Intuitive User Interface

Ask your team to design a clean and clutter-free user interface that should be easy to navigate. An easy user interface will experience the user in a hassle-free manner. Also allows them to explore your grocery app with more purchases which will increase your traffic and sale conversions too. 

Easy Search And Filter Options

The first thing, users can get admire about your grocery app is the easy search and filter options. So, include your app with prominent search, effective filters, and easy sorting options which will give quick search results. Let’s refine your user search by integrating the smart filter and search process.

Responsive Design

Ensure that your grocery delivery app is furnishing a responsive design. Your app should adapt to different screen sizes and orientations that provide users with keep flawless experience on various devices. 

Enhanced Security

Prioritizing security will influence your grocery app among potential and target consumers. Implement your Instacart-like app with an efficient security algorithm that should protect the user’s data from dynamic threats. Possess your grocery app with the higher security and encryption process for the payment system and its data. 


In general, suggestions based on the user behavior, by their last searches and their previous purchases, would work for the sale conversions of about 60%. So, implement your grocery delivery app with a robust personalization system that will allow your users to get with the product’s purchase. 

The above are some of the significant factors you should work on efficiently while in grocery app development.

Let’s examine some of the common features in the Instacart clone app.

MVP  Features In The Delivery App Like Instacart

Easy Sign up and sign in

Make your sign-up option via third-party platforms like social media, Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. This will give users a seamless experience without struggling by giving all the details. 

Simple Profile Creation

Profile filling is another vital part of a grocery delivery app. Complete your profile feature with the compulsion of basic details like name, address, and contact number. Asking for additional details will annoy the users, and also make them skip from your app. 

Quick Browse And Search Options

Enable your grocery delivery app with easy search options, it can assist your users in finding their products based on the categories, price filters, and sorting options quickly. 

Push Notifications

Give your users timely updates about their orders. It will assist them to stick with apps and also knowledge of their delivery statuses. 

Live Order Tracking

Tracking orders while in the order schedule might be curious for many users. Integrate your Instacart-like app with the GPS system, to track their order delivery in a live manner. 

Payment Integration

Online payments with different options are crucial now. Integrate your app with secured payment gateways to process smooth transactions between users and grocery vendors. Try to implement your payment system with crypto wallets, which will induce many digital users. 

Review And Rating System 

Allow your users to leave their ratings and reviews about the groceries and the shopping experience. It will help to improve your app’s quality both functionally and in the groceries. 

Initially developing your grocery delivery app with the core features, will delve into future advancements. You should complete your base structure app with a neat and clear interface which should seize the users in the first experience itself.  Then, slowly enhance your app with updates, that will consistently move you to obtain the modest. 

Cost Of Developing Grocery Delivery App

Filling the cost of developing a grocery delivery app with some number is crucial too. There are many factors involved in the price consideration of developing an Instacart-like app. 

The basic dependents are, 

  • Targeted platforms(iOS&Android)
  • App Designs
  • Database
  • Front and back-end developments
  • API integration
  • Features and functionalities
  • Development team size and location
  • Development timeframe

Your requirements on the above factors will decide the cost of your Instacart clone app development. So, narrow down your complexities, customization needs, and overall objectives and settle it with any remarkable development partner to get your cost quotation on dynamic factors. 

That’s all about the Grocery delivery app. 

It’s time to wrap up with good vibes. 

Let’s be ready to enter this lucrative industry and make your earnings big with more unique grocery delivery business strategies. Utilize any readymade Instacart clone script and launch your firm process soon in the digital galaxy. 

Make your move with hefty startup thoughts.