Do’s and Dont’s That Accelerate Revenue of Gojek Clone

Super Apps that offer multiple services are ruling the On-Demand Market in this modern world. If you need to book a taxi, order a pizza, get your groceries, arrange a plumber or home workers, make an appointment for a spa, it can be done using the Gojek clone app. Customers love to use this application as it’s easy to use.

In this blog, we are going to learn how the Gojek clone accelerates revenue by following the Do and Dont’s. Trioangle builds the application with the below-mentioned features. Let’s have a glance at the blog to know more about it.


Choose White Label Solution:

Choosing a white label solution is one of the main decisions while buying an application, mostly the white label won’t be handed to the entrepreneurs by the developing company that means the application is not fully owned by the entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs can make customization of the application if the white label is handed to them

Establish E-mail Conversation:

People mostly prefer telephonic conversations with the app development team. But, it is important to maintain email communication. So that, you can have everything written. Every promise made by us and expectation of customers will be in written format, this will reduce unwanted misunderstandings.

Execute an Exhaustive Plan:

Have an exhaustive plan so as to ensure that you have a clear communication line setup. Providing offers is the basic thing to make the users download your app and use it to hire a service provider. 


Don’t Get Panic: 

Starting up a new business can be scary. There are different factors that you need to pay attention to when it comes to setting a budget. The worst factor while starting a business is going into a panic state which pulls us to make wrong choices and rush into things. Make sure you are calm before stepping into the business.

Don’t Have A Single Plan:

Before starting the Gojek clone business we should have multiple choices so that we can change the plan if it is not working out. Having a single plan will make you stand in a risky situation. Take time to test these apps, research the market and then finalize the application.

Don’t Be Too Rigid:

Every entrepreneur has a set of ideas and hopes with respect to their business. We can’t be very rigid in this practical world. It is important to be a little free to attract more users.

Factors That Accelerate Revenue of Gojek Clone:

Commission From Merchants:

The initial way to make money is the Gojek clone charges some amount of money from the merchants who sell their products and services through the application. Gojek helps the merchants generate more revenue and expand the business to more areas.

Merchants have to pay a percentage of the money raised from the profit on each order which comes from Gojek. This transaction is done automatically from an e-wallet after all the orders are paid. 

Commission From Drivers:

Drivers and Delivery partners also need to pay some amount of money on each order which the customer places. It is the second method for Gojek clone to make revenue. This makes the delivery partner work more as the working is profit-based.

To earn more the delivery partners or drivers work with an intention to complete more orders since they receive money on each delivery and also get rewards and bonuses for outstanding performances.

Service Charge From Consumers:

Gojek charges the consumers a service charge for bringing every kind of service to their doorstep. This service tax is added to their bill and they can pay directly by online payment methods to book their order.

This service charge is a minimal charge and consumers are not burdened financially which helps the company to build its reach among customers.

Winding Up

If you want to outreach your competitors, you should choose the best service script. Trioangle provides the best Gojek clone which guides you with the Do’s and Dont’s in the blog, which will make your all-service clone the best in the market for sure.

We also customize as per the needs of the entrepreneurs and deliver within time. To know more about us, kindly contact us through the below-given details.

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