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In recent times, technology has changed how an individual gets food, groceries, transportation, and other day-to-day necessary activities, providing a convenient lifestyle. In the long list, multi-service business is flourishing more than ever currently. 

As we have heard a lot about it since the Gojek app came out, there is no need to explain the multi-service business. But we must know its market value. 

In the initial stage, they started with a few audiences. They saw huge growth shortly around Indonesia, becoming the first lucrative multi-service business. In 2022, it touched its million user base for the first time. This super app was downloaded around 18.99 million times in the last year. 

Wondering how to make your business successful like Gojek? 

In this article, I am discussing the factors you consider to make your multi-delivery business successful with a Gojek clone.

Let’s get in!

How To Make Your Multi-Service Business Triumph With Gojek Clone App

When you find a solution to a hurdle, you can make your business venture easy. To make your journey successful and easy. I have mentioned some of the factors. Let’s look! 

Enriching Every Experience With Safety 

Security and privacy is an important thing in the digital platform. If you take successful platforms, they follow standard norms, which increase trust among users. 

Gojek clone app follows a commitment that lies at the fortified protection. It provides various layers of protection, transparency, and unwavering support. 

The platform takes an extra step to ensure authenticity at every step on the platform. Users and providers can only use the app after they sign up with their details. It indicates that users and providers are engaging with trustworthy persons.

When it comes to the digital platform and its security, e-wallets play a major role. Users get secured transaction options like Stripe, Paypal, and more with high security. 

Though there are many aspects to providing a secure experience, customer support comes in first.  Team up with the best customer support providers to solve the queries of the clients. 

Your Comprehensive Market Overview 

To have a proper multi-service platform, you need deep insights into the market. By analyzing the market, you have an idea that leads to further how to tackle a situation. 

Explore trends, growth projections, and competitors and find the market overview. When you are exploring those factors, look at how advanced it is in technology and the gig economy’s influence on how people seek and use services.

In this process, you also need to identify your target audience. You analyze based on demographics, psychographics, and behaviour patterns. By doing this, you can create your features and functionality according to their likeness. 

Another way of understanding the market is competitor analysis. From taking note of their initial move to the present move, you can easily identify the market value and also a path to the development journey. 

Marketing Analysis And Image Apprehension

Marketing is a success key for business. Whether well-fledged companies or startups, they all rely on good marketing. 

Before the launch, you need to create hype around the market and have a small customer base. Following a regular marketing strategy is well and good but creating a new marketing strategy is way better. 

You can create ads to reach a specific audience. By crafting your ads to indicate their aspirations, you can increase potential users. 

Social media is the biggest tool for marketing. You can show your success, work, and user testimonials to the public with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

Your brand needs to be in the customer’s eye all the time. For that, you need to work on factors like logo design, colour schemes, typography, and more. 

Multi-Service Option

It is a multi-service platform and it will have various services. But many fail to give balanced care to all the services. Choose services that have high demand and will be useful for your customers.  

The services to be given consideration are taxi service, grocery service, food service, courier service, beauty service, electrician service, plumbing service, and more. In a nutshell, your services should include all the domestic services. 

You have to know the benefits of incorporating those services. Let’s look at the advantages in detail.

Firstly, it increases the capitalism of your platform with multiple services. By catering to specific needs that may have been overlooked by others, you can establish a unique market position and gain a competitive advantage. 

How Multi-Service Platforms Like Gojek Clone App Generate Income?

We have seen strategies that you should consider. Now, explore the monetization strategy to make a successful business. As revenue is a factor that keeps pushing to run further,  choosing the correct strategy is important. 

Let’s look at What revenue model does Gojek clone app uses to skyrocket in the market!

Fees From Customer

Most on-demand businesses follow this revenue model. It is a major source of income for the Gojek clone app. From the title, you can assess that customers pay to the platform and hosts. Whenever a customer books a service, they pay an amount for it, which will be divided between the admin and host. 

The admin can fix the percentage. It is also a reason that it is flourishing highly. 

Delivery Commission

It is similar to the customer commission. The platform takes a percentage of delivery fees when a delivery provider completes their booking. 

Since the delivery persons are working under the Gojek clone app, the platform takes a commission from them. Though it is not as big as customer commission in revenue, it helps the app to increase its revenue base. 


Third-party companies partner with your platform to promote their products. It is a good way of increasing income. 

It is like side income for the platform besides their major revenue. You can also increase your target audience, by providing their pain point advertisements. 

Concluding Note, 

To create a successful multi-service platform, you need to work on enriching every experience with safety, market overview, marketing and analysis, and multi-service options. As income should be the priority in the business, make sure you have included the monetization model that helps in growth.

“We don’t want to push our ideas onto customers, we simply want to make what they want.” – Laura Ashley

The Gojek clone app understood the quote well. 

Build a customer-supportive platform with our Gojek clone app and be at the top of the global market!