GoferEats Offering An End-to-End Digital Support to PUDOs: A Quick Review

When customers shift to online ordering, the main expectations from them are fast delivery services. Nowadays, last-mile delivery is quite an interesting term that elevates the performance of delivery services as per the current trends. 

The food delivery business is one among delivery services that is experiencing a wide range of benefits from the last-mile delivery services via app-based models. UberEats clone script is one such model that inherits many features to make the food delivery services a new one. 

On the other hand, the PickUp and Drop-Offs(PUDOs) is an emerging concept that addresses the various last-mile delivery challenges in a peculiar way and turns the food delivery service into a satisfying platform. This blog describes how GoferEats creates the new path for the last mile delivery service for assured delivery.

Pickup and Drop-Offs(PUDOs)-Opt Solution for Last-Mile Delivery Challenges

Though the Last-mile delivery services are highly beneficial platforms for the food delivery service, they also suffered a lot of real-time issues like cost, inefficient route planning, customer’s unavailability, lack of proper platform to address the customers needs perfectly.  

These issues make many delivery services standstill. Pickup and Drop Off(PUDOs) has been emerging as a new concept that allows the delivery partners to carry the delivery service effortlessly. The notable solutions while implementing the PUDOs in the UberEats clone script are as follows:

Minimum Last-Mile Delivery Cost

Due to the perfect syncing of delivery partners and the restaurant owners via a perfect digital link, the number of orders handled by them is more. With the modernized platforms, the cost for last-mile delivery solutions gets reduced. 

Accurate Route Planning

With the perfect mapping of customer’s locations into the restaurant locations via Google map inside the UberEats clone script, namely GoferEats, a valid route for the delivery partners is generated and this causes them to perform the trip in a minimum time period. 

Aware of Customer’s Availability 

Allowing the customers to set a check-in place to receive the food orders may ensure the delivery partners are aware of the customer’s availability. This improves the delivery timeline with better customer satisfaction. 

With the above preliminary aspects, PUDOs create a perfect path for running the food delivery services in a long-term manner. GoferEats now understands the PUDOs and brings the new aspects to those to run the food delivery services as per the customer needs. 

GoferEats Takes PUDOs into New Direction: How?

Mainly, the food delivery services acquired tremendous changes after the arrival of the UberEats clone script. GoferEats is one such script that now redirects the delivery services with the accurate PUDOs in order to reduce the failed/missed delivery attempts. Also, this helps to manage any delivery volumes with the preset options from the customer side. 

Preferred-Time Slots

Allowing the customers to set the time slots to receive the food perfectly reduces the long waiting time. This makes the last-mile delivery experience an efficient and better one. This time-slot concept also makes both the restaurant owners and the delivery partners keep ready in advance. 

Flexible Delivery 

Since we are running in the new normal after a huge pandemic, the expectations from the customer side are varying consistently. GoferEats is the perfect digitized UberEats clone script that may fit for new emerging delivery services accurately. 

Secure Payment

Payments from the customer side are simple and secure with many payment gateways. With those, the transactions among all the players are made highly transparent in nature. 

Sorting Orders

As per the time slot from the customer side, our UberEats clone script sorts the orders and assigns them to the delivery people to ensure multi-deliveries in single-pickup.

How GoferEats-Driven PUDOs Improve Delivery Efficiency?

GoferEats-driven PUDOs improve the delivery efficiency highly with the various impressive options namely: optimal route-based delivery, review-based model, and the pay-out dynamically. With these features, the delivery partners experiencing the following benefits:

  • Perform multiple deliveries in any order count with a minimum delivery timeline
  • Collect the reviews for each order and perform services accordingly
  • Receiving the payment dynamically as per the number of orders covered can increase their overall income easily. 

Having startup plans regarding the food delivery services means, GoferEats provides better options for that. Get more details by mailing to [email protected] and Whatsapp to 6379630152.

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