To start an online food ordering system you doesn’t want to be a techie buzz, but script for the business is required. So obviously, when you are not a coder, you have to approach the best qualified coder for the responsive script. Finally after stalking hundreds of UberEats clone scripts in the marketplace, you would be wondering which one is the best one to give a hit.

So Enough brainstorming, initially when you demand someone to create a script for your business, it consumes large amount of time and energy. Because developing a entirely new script requires a number of research episodes. So undoubtedly there is a less chance for commencing a business on a favourable time. But to play safe and choose a better module one can prefer the clone scripts which is developed from the existing product. Dont worry ! Clone scripts are absolutely legal to use.

GoferEats – An UberEats Clone Script From Trioangle

GoferEats is the clone script of UberEats. Our script is easily customisable and scalable from the front end.

Features of our UberEats

  • Easy sign ups using mail or phone number can be done to get connected with your food ordering and delivery service.
  • Instant notification regarding the order of the status can be sent to the restaurant.
  • In our script we have separate apps for user, restaurants, and the driver. So our script is user friendly for all three.
  • Our GoferEats script supports both the android and IOS platforms. So you can provide service all around without any botherings.
  • Additionally GoferEats can be used in desktop, so requirement of android phone or IOS phone is not a obligate requirement. If the user has a broadband connection then he can make use of this service.
  • Our Script is build on the location based so
    • User can also track the status of their order
    • Restaurant can also ¬†track the location of the driver on their delivery
    • Driver can easily get to know the location of the user and the restaurant, so that he can deliver easily.
  • Paramount thing to be consider is GoferEats is developed from the latest technology. So it meets even the trending requirements.
  • Can also easily maintain the profiles of the restaurant and the driver.
  • Admin panel is also designed in a appealing way which is easy to deal with.
  • Rating and reviews options is also incorporated for the better user experience to share their values.

And the primary and astonishing features of GoferEats can be jotted down. But to put this in a line, our clone script meets all the requirements of the user, restaurant, and the driver exactly like the UberEats and helps you to provide better service. Eventually we will update our UberEats clone script when a major feature changes happen in the uberEats. You can also demand an additional features according to the requirement of the business if required and customise them.

To commence a food ordering system business GoferEats would be the right choice to give a hit.

For any queries regarding our clone script you can contact at ¬†[email protected]