Because of pandemics over the past few months, delivery businesses have got a great place in a short span of duration. Its popularity expanded even more after pandemics.

Many meal delivery and grocery delivery services run globally and generate more profit. This blog will analyze the Glovo clone app business model and revenue model to understand how the Glovo clone app makes money.

Glovo is a delivery application that delivers anything from stores to consumers who use their app. Glovo applications can deliver anything such as medicines, food, groceries, etc. The Glovo clone app also has options to select anything from any nearby stores. 

The business model for Glovo clone application:

Glovo clone application Business Model allows customers to purchase preferred products from nearby stores and deliver them to their doorstep. Freelance couriers deliver customers’ orders. Glovo delivers its customers’ required products quickly by affordable delivery charges. 

Key partners.

  • Restaurants for food. 
  • Pharmacies for medicines.
  • Local stores for other products.
  • Delivery Personals.

Key resources.

  • Technology to maintain each process.
  • Partner retail stores, Restaurants, and their products

Key activities.

  • Partnership with new stores and restaurants.
  • Stores and restaurants information management.
  • Customer information management.
  • Delivery personals information management
  • Order management.
  • Fee management.

Value propositions.

For Customers 

  • Order anything from the nearby store.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Cost-effective delivery services.


  • Large customer base.
  • Recognition because of the platform.
  • Sales increase.


  • Part-time delivery job
  • Customer tips.


  • Admin web panel.
  • Mobile application for vendors. (ios, android)
  • Mobile application for delivery partners. (ios, android)
  • Application for customers(ios, android)

Revenue streams.

  • Delivery charge by customers.
  • Advertisement cost by the third party businesses
  • Commissions from stores.

Cost structure.

  • Technology infrastructure maintenance cost.
  • Advertisement to third-party platforms.
  • Delivery personnel pay.
  • Permanent employees pay.

The revenue model for Glovo clone application Business

Glovo gains money as commissions from stores, delivery fees by customers, subscription fees by premium users, and profits.

Delivery fees range set based on the of the delivered products and distance to the customer location. Partners stores will pay commissions from some percentage of the total bill amount.

The Glovo clone application business model is designed to focus on customer satisfaction. 

Let us understand every revenue source of Glovo in detail:

  • Delivery charge by customers.
  • Advertisement costs by third-party businesses.
  • Commissions from stores.

Delivery charge by customers

Based on the distance between stores and delivery location, delivery charge is decided by application. Once products are delivered to the customer, the customer also has options to pay tips to delivery personnel. But the tip amount directly goes to delivery partners. 

Advertisement costs by third-party businesses

Platform designed with an advertisement module to show third party advertisements. By using the popularity of our setup admin can offer advertisement options for other businesses or partner stores. So once the platform gets its popularity, the setup can get more advertisements.

Commissions from stores

Glovo setup gets a certain percentage of the commission fee from the partner when the customer places an order with the Glovo clone app. The admin of the Glovo clone app setup has permission to set a percentage of the commission fee. The exact fee varies based on the contract with Glovo setup admin and the partner stores.

Final note

However, the whole world is going to change from traditional marketing to virtual marketing. Yes, this is the right time to launch an on-demand delivery business. The convenience of the customer is one of the main factors to generate more revenue. If you want to develop an on-demand all-in-one delivery app with a customizable ready-made Glovo clone script app setup that helps you to launch your app instantly. To know more about the Glovo clone app, contact us with the below mediums.


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