Get A World-Class House Cleaning App To Scaleup Your Business

What Is a House Cleaning Service App?

House Cleaning Service is a double-sided on-demand marketplace app. A housecleaning service accessibility is mainly operated with this app through smartphones. 

On this on-demand cleaning app, the user can explore the needed cleaning service, and the house cleaning service providers available in the local area. With this, they can provide a service by including them in the app with the required formalities. 

Based on the user’s needs, they can book a service appointment instantly by scheduling the booking. Once availed service is completed the clients can make a payment through their Uber For House Cleaning.

Main Features Of House Cleaning Service App

User App Features:

Push Notification Alert:-

Push notification alert allows you to get regular updates about the app’s new features, offers, discounts, etc.  This makes the clients keep engaging with the service. The updates like payment confirmation, booking confirmation, service completion, and much more. 

Service Scheduling:- 

By using these scheduling features, accessing the house cleaning service will reduce the complications in real life. Even in their unavailable time, the clients can schedule an appointment with the date and time for cleaning their homes. This is a core feature of the app.   

Ratings And Review System:-  

The clients can leave their feedback and ratings for the service provider based on the completed service experience. This is especially fine. The feedback and ratings received by the service providers, the new users, and service bookers will pick an exact match. 

Payment Gateways:-

Contactless online payment is mostly preferred by people these present days. The need for integrating the multiple payment gateways. A quick and easy way of payment helps in secure transactions with multiple options.

House Cleaner App Features:

Profile Approval:-

House cleaner who provides needed on-demand house cleaning service needs to hire professionals who provide these services at the end of the day. This functionality in the House Cleaning Service Software allows them to approve a professional service provider as well as to complete verification.

Feedback Management:-

On the service reviews and feedback gained by the house cleaning professionals, they can respond to it. And the professionals can also leave feedback to the clients too.

Real-Time Service Request:-

The real-time request feature allows the house cleaning service providers to receive the service request given by the clients. This enables the professionals to decide on acceptance of canceling the request with a quick response as per their availability.  

Clients Interaction:-

These features are integrated with an in-app chatting feature to get connected with the clients who booked a service appointment. Effortlessly, they will get connected together through this online on-demand platform. So, the flawless service will be provided by the house cleaners by understanding the client’s requirements by interacting with them. 

Admin Panel Functionality:

Dedicated Dashboard:-

A dedicated dashboard is an important feature for an app owner panel or admin panel. The panel allows the admin to monitor all the operations done through the app effortlessly. The whole business monitoring process will be done remotely through this dashboard. 

Account Management:-

The admin can manage both the user and service provider’s accounts. Especially the admin can approve or reject the profile of the house cleaning service providers by verifying the documents they provided.

Promotional Management:-

The promotional service like announcements, offers, discounts, cashback, etc… are updated by the admin through the push notification alerts. 

How Does a House Cleaning Service App Make Money?

User Commission:-

When a client demands a required service through the On-Demand Cleaning App. They need to pay for the service, in this payment transaction for the completed service includes the small commission fee that goes to the house cleaning service provider. Which is a stream of high revenue generation of the house cleaning service app. 

House Cleaner Commission:-

Similarly, the professionals need to pay a certain amount as a commission to the house cleaning service app owners for getting booking through the app. 

Winding Up,

Scaling up house cleaning services is an essential thing for the owners. They are looking for more options. The classy house cleaning service app solution is now on your hands. Trioangle provides the best-in-class House Cleaning Service App platform with all the features listed in this blog. Let’s scale up your house cleaning services with our right solution. 

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