Food delivery is one of trending business of the market and it is expected steady growth in the near future. People tend to love food delivery service due to its comfort, variety and sophistication.


The popularity of the food delivery service is kept on increasing day by day and it has a huge potential market. Thus it creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to look for a share in the market.


The online food delivery business is purely based on partnership with restaurants and drivers and providing timely service to the customers. Though there are lots of factors play a role in food delivery business, food delivery apps and its key features help in a successful business.


Features of Food Delivery Software:


Table Booking:


Table reservation helps people who don’t want to wait outside and save their time. Table booking provides the user with a delightful experience and a secure feeling as the table is already booked for them.


Restaurant Profile:


The restaurant profile gives all the details about the restaurant like restaurant address, phone number, rating & review and other details. It will also helpful for the user to know more about the restaurant before ordering food.


Push Notification:


The push notification is a tool which helps you to send across all announcements and offers to your customer. You can also increase user retention which helps you to increase the sales and overall income.


Advanced Search:


Artificial intelligence is proving to a top tool that will lead to success for any business. Using artificial intelligence, you can provide a personalized experience to your users. You can deliver improved search results like cuisine search, restaurant search by using user behavior.


Social Media Integration:


Social media integration helps you to increase the visibility of your network. You can easily  increase likes and shares with the help of social media integration.


Chat Bots:


The chatbots are one which develops connectivity between you and your customers. You can also enhance the live chat and improve engagement with your customers. Also can answer customer queries and support them with the order.


Cost Details Of Food Ordering Script:


There are lots of opportunities for earning with food delivery software like delivery charge, commission charge, surcharge and so on. It will be cost around 30000$ to built a food ordering script from scratch. But if you buy a clone script like UberEats clone, Zomato clone and Swiggy clone, it will have cost much cheaper than you think.


I hope this article is useful to you.