Tinder Clone is a dating script that is a concept of connecting people to get mingled based on their interest. The dating app will run based on their locations with filtered matches in the nearby distance. This clone script is done with attractive and latest technologies. Let us see more features about Igniter – Tinder Clone

Multiple Sign-In:

The Multiple login option in this igniter will be verified easily with their phone number or with social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. While connecting with social media you need not enter your profile details, with the help of social media synchronization it automatically fills the details and extra details can be filled by us.

This process in the dating app will be done smoothly and quickly. Only the verified users can log in to the igniter.

Location-Based Search:

In a dating app, we can search through location filter options like localized and personalized suggestions. Users can search to match a profile in some areas. This option has the capacity to track your location and show up matches accordingly. Location-based filter option chooses the suitable matches with your preferred location.

Advanced Filters:

This filter option can find a particular match with the profile based on their age, gender, maximum distance, location, and other advanced filter options available. It is necessary to add all the details on the profile, but more information is helpful, more information brings effective matches and that’s how advanced filters work.

Real-time chats:

When you find the matches, you can start an instant chat with your matches and can make audio and video calls in this tinder-like chat option. In a chat option, there will be bottom audio/video options. It has live video calling and audio calling facilities. The video chat provides an option to toggle on/off the camera.

In-app purchase: 

Users can use this option for using paid features for adding new locations and much more

Type of Paid Subscription plans 

  • Boost 

  • super like

  • Igniter plus

  • Igniter gold 


The users can use this boost option for a profile, which will show their profile at the top for 30minutes. This option is used to reach more people and get 10x more matches to your profile. This option is based on paid subscription plans. The user can buy this plan once the count has ended. This boost icon will be in purple in colour, by tapping on this icon, you can activate the boost option.

Super like: 

This super like option will attract the users to show more interest while swiping a profile, the person who got super like to his/her profile will be highlighted with the star symbol while swiping a profile. While swiping, this option will attract users and bring in more interest.  

Igniter plus:

In this igniter Plus, it will come along with features like boost, super likes, and swipes around the world with unlimited likes and rewinds. This is a paid subscription plan. This plan can be activated for 1month, 6month and 12months. 

Igniter gold: 

In this igniter gold option plan, we have a solid feature option than igniter plus. The user can see who likes them while swiping. This also is a paid subscription plan that can be used until the duration ends. It nearly comes along with the features of igniter plus. In this option, the users can have a chunk of the feature than Igniter Plus. It nearly has all features in Igniter Plus but also the user can see who likes them before they swipe. 

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