Are you planning to start a Space Rental Business in 2021? 

Here’s the exhaustive information about the space rental business that you can make use of to start your own business with our script.

The space rental business has increased rapidly every year, in the last few years many rental businesses have risen but space rental is a profitable business where you can multiple types of spaces like rooms, lofts, conference rooms, garden area, garage, and 24 types of spaces can be listed in our Space Rental Script.

Start Your Own Rental Business

To rent spaces for minimal income, you can start your own company in your own location and wherever you like. You can get high profitable revenue in the rental industry and every entrepreneur wishes to start their own business. It connects people like space providers and event organizers. Where more spaces are listed in a single platform with different types that makes the travelers and organizers choose the comfortable space.

Every space provider’s profile and their given details are verified by the Admin and after the approval, spaces are listed. All the basic things that make the organizers feel comfortable and visit again and again. The extra amenities like the pool, meeting room, dining, etc which are given to the guest can be added by the space providers.


Along with the technology, lots of entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and startups are increasingly looking for office space. If a business person wants to set-up an office recently it is very hard to set-up an office in a short time. The office needs to be set-up with basic equipment, phone lines, internet connections and all the necessary things to be needed. Now it is easy with our platform to make all these things possible within a short time by the providers renting the office space.

Revenue Model

Service Fee: An online rental community our Space Rental Script connects guests and hosts for a percentage of the service fee.

Host Fee: Our rental scripts offer a space to list a property, so that the admin gets some share as a fee from the host, to list the property.

Admin can set the minimum service fee and the penalty for the host under certain rules and the host has certain limits to cancel the request from the guest.

Features Of Makent SpaceFeatures Of Makent Space

Hourly Booking

Using hourly booking, the event organizer can book the space with preferred timings and the space provider can easily allocate the space.

Multiple Day Booking

Multiple spaces can be booked for multiple days. This rejoices the users, as it liberates them from booking and listing a space again and again.  

Advance Filter

An event organizer can easily pick out space from more number of listings, It helps to search and quickly book the space without any struggle.

Setup Price For Each Activity

While listing, the host lists their space along with events and activities. They can set a price for each and every activity on the given gap.

Availability Calendar

A calendar feature is integrated with Makent Space. This clearly depicts the booking of space along with hourly booking, single day booking, and multiple booking.

Secure App Option

Users can lock their apps by enabling the secure app option. This special feature enhances the user’s security and messing of information is blocked with this option.

To check extraordinary features, the demo of the site, and full details about the Makent Space tap us on the Makent Space Website.

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