An entrepreneur has different kinds of reckoning to gain profits on their business. The aims, dreams, and vision of the all business visioner are almost similar to accomplish a profitable business in the marketplace. I suggest you, check out the PassUp – online classified script with exclusive features are offering with the technical support for the customization and app installation service.

Hurry Up! let us view out the PassUp

PassUp got renewed by the Letgo script and the fired-up workflow for the users. The flawless concept of PassUp allows users to buy and sell their products or services.

If the user(seller) have either old or purposeless product around the house, they can merely post their stuff on the PassUp and sell it off. They can utilize Passup like bargain shop.

Now would you like to see up the features in PassUp, why wait, come on let’s jump into the aspect!

Distinctive of PassUp

User-friendly Dashboard – In this elegant dashboard, an admin can monitor the activity of the users. The dashboard panel laminated with a modish style.  Through this panel, an admin can view-out the aspects like Total Users, Today Users, Total Products, Today Products, Total Sold Out, Today Sold Out.

Easy and Advanced Search – The site should have better navigation. If the user has to search for a particular product then the user should clearly understand how to reach a particular product without any hassle ness. That is should provide better user-friendliness in the site.

Easy Listing – When the user planned to list a product then the web app should allow the user to immediately update the listing easily. That is with detailed information about the product like the title, description including multiple images should be uploaded and submitted easily.

Single Account Management – Within a single account the user should have accessibility to post the product for sales and if required or in need should buy the product from the other vendors without any hassle.

Better Communication Platforms –  The web apps should provide a better stage for communication so that a clear mode of buy and sell happens between the users. Also has to make sure that the communication platform should be safe and secure because there is a chance for the threat for the misuse of details.

Payment platform integration – Secure payment should be integrated so that the trust flow for the business among users will grow up. Also to buy and sell, online payment will help widely for the user’s welfare.

Promotion or Ad Highlights – when the user wants a quick result for their listing they look for ad highlights or ad promotion. So the script should be designed in a way that provides better genuine results for the users

The above listed are some of the basic requirements for the online classified marketplace. PassUp –  Letgo clone developed from the aspiration of the Letgo classified sites. All the required features are available in the PassUp to commence the online classified business. To know briefly tap on  or contact [email protected]