Traveling using a car and visiting new places is fun until your car breaks down in the middle of the road. In such a scenario, you can do one of the two options: either try to fix the issue yourself or call for help. 

Mostly, people need their vehicle to be towed to the nearest repair station. But, how would you do that? Searching online may find you some road assistance services but they may not be very useful as they may not have the correct equipment to tow the vehicle.

How Uber Clone For Towing Redesigns Vehicle Recovery Services?

The Uber For Tow Trucks application is essential to service for the drivers if there is an issue in a riding vehicle to move the vehicle from the place of repair to the service center. The solution is to tow the vehicle to the service center per the customer’s choice. 

Trioangle provides an outstanding feature for entrepreneurs, who need to kick start their business with an uber app for tow trucking services. This is the most trending business these days. There are plenty of reasons to tow vehicles anywhere and anytime.

Unique Workflow of Our Towing App:

  • The users can log in to the towing application by giving numerous information or by using the social media login. 
  • The users can book the trucks and can track the trucks by using the GPS option, this helps the user to see each and every move of the service provider.
  • The service provider can adjust their availability by using the Toggle on or off option, this helps to show the exact availability of the service providers near the user.
  • The In-App call/chat option enables both the users and service providers to contact each other.
  • The users and service providers can edit their profile in an issue freeway, this helps to identify the service providers exactly.
  • The user can make payments by multiple payment gateways, users can make payments simply by using cards, wallets, or net banking.
  • The users can cancel the booking if there is any change of plan, not only users can cancel the service provider can also cancel the service.
  • The users can view the reviews and ratings given by the other users to build trust with the customers on the service provided by them.

Benefits of Our Uber Clone For Towing:

Geo Live Tracking:

The Geo live tracking helps the users to book the services with the exact location of the drivers. The users can monitor each and every move of the service provider with the geo-live tracking services. This helps the users to know the rough time for getting the services.

Toggle Availability: 

The Toggle availability helps the drivers to manage their availability by switching the Toggle option On or Off with a simple user interface. If the driver wants to finish his service or is engaged in service he can manage the toggle option to avoid the next service. 

After finishing the service and wanting to continue the service he can adjust the toggle option so that the users can book the towing service. The toggle option helps to avoid unwanted confusion in the service.

Easy Profile Management:

Profile management enables both the users and service providers to set and handle their own profiles without any problem. They can customize their profile with a single tap. This helps the users and service providers to change the photos, names, addresses, and bank accounts.

Digital Invoice Generation:

The Invoice generation helps to generate bills based on the service. The estimated cost will be shown in the display before booking the towing truck. This makes the user decide whether to book the services or not. The invoice will be shown with the inclusion of tax and the bill amount will be shown with the offers available.

Why Trioangle?

Trioangle is the best Tow Truck Script provider in the industry, not only the tow trucking script. They provide you with the best business models for entrepreneurs to succeed in the industry. Trioangle provides you with a guaranteed script to succeed in the business. The above blog helps you to know the things to know about the towing service apps.

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