To erect your online food delivery business like Swiggy or Zomato, chiefly you need to have a privileged script to sprinkle on your business. Meanwhile, the source code should generate lots of lead and sales to made business sky-high. While searching out the right script source code analysis, I got the boom source for all moguls and startups to carry-off their business. 

GoferEats is one such on-demand food delivery script, got the aspiration of Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats. It’s the one-size-fits-all solution to do sublime business and take into next level high-rise. This online food delivery script highly-constructed by the latest technologies stack to be distinct and hammer the competitors.

Let’s look at the features to earn more on the “Food Delivery” Desk.

Intuition Features In GoferEats – UberEats clone  

Interactive Dashboard

An online food delivery platform is running with the three users such as restaurants, eaters, and drivers. To monitor each user activity separately by using this interactive dashboard to the function. The report can export by the google sheet, CSV, and so on.


Menu Management

This option aid the restauranteur to list out their cuisines category on the GoferEats and make the eater pick out the food easier to the ordering. 


Google Map Tracking

The eater can track out the restaurant and driver activities on behalf of the food delivering to their doorstep. The restauranteur can track off the driver movement after picking the order form the floor to eater doorstep. 


Owe Amount Management

Admin can have a glimpse off the balance amount that the driver should give back or reply to him. This option helps the admin to know the owed amount. 


Restaurant Status

The restauranteur can enable or disable the toggle button to show the restaurant status to the eater. 


Trip Management

Can count off, how many trips that the driver had completed or rejected. And also can use the filter option to see the particular month or date of the delivery. 


Warp Up:

GoferEats – food delivery script helps you to excavate the business and blow up to reach sky-scraping. And also able to customize the script as per your wish. Don’t wait, erect your business world with GoferEats!


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