The amazon clone is an online shopping platform in which buying and selling of products take place through an online medium. Nowadays, E-Commerce services are ruling the world by playing a major role in everyone’s life. This literally saves the valuable time of the customers by avoiding shopping directly in the store.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to enlarge your amazon clone business with limelight features by having a glance at the top ways to enlarge your amazon clone application, and features that bring the limelight to the amazon clone app.

Top ways To Enlarge Your Amazon Clone Application:

Provide Customers With Practical User Interface:

The customers must not feel any difficulties in purchasing the products so the UI of the app must be user-friendly. If the customer feels the UI of the app is very clumsy, there are more chances for them to leave the app on the first look. The UI of the app must be very attractive and build trust among the customers to purchase products through the app.

Provide A Diverse Range Of Products:

Right from buying a pen to a car, customers all look for choices and select the best one according to their needs and economy. Likewise, customers will prefer your app to have a vast collection of products on your app. It is a good choice to collaborate with many sellers so that more brands and many choices will be made available to the customers.

Multiple Payment Options With Crypto Wallet Integration:

The customers can perform their payment through multiple payment methods like a credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal, UPI, and COD option, also they can perform payment by using the crypto wallet integration. 

Where the customers can pay for the purchased products through crypto wallets. The vendors will be able to view the transactions made by the customers, the vendors will receive the payments, and the commission fee will be automatically paid to the admin.

Flexible Shipping Options As Per Requirements:

The customers will be provided with an option to get flexible shopping needs as each customer will not be available at all times, and some customers can get stuck in an emergency during the date of product delivery. This feature helps the customers to change the date of delivery according to the available date. 

Accelerate Revenue By Suggesting Products:

The customers will get a list of suggested products in accordance with the product search history. This will boost the customers to buy new products, which will increase the revenue automatically.

Features That Bring Limelight In The Amazon Clone App:

Advanced Search Bar:

The advanced search option allows customers to save time and select their products quickly and easily. As there will be numerous products on the online shopping platform it will be difficult for the customers to search for an exact product and the filter option will be helpful to search for the exact product they need in a few minutes. The customers will be able to search for products based on price, size, color, brand, and more.

Flexible Shopping Cart:

The user can add their favorite products to the wishlist and compare various products and purchase them later. The flexible shopping cart allows customers to purchase the products that have been saved in the cart quickly.

Order Tracking:

The customers can track the products that are ordered from them, this helps the customers to know the date of delivery and know where their product is. The admin can track the products ordered by the users, this helps to have an eye on the delivery partner and whether they are providing on-time delivery which builds trust in the platform.

In-App Communication:

The app allows the customers and the service providers to contact each other by in-app chat and in-app call, which allows the customers to communicate with each other regarding the product which is to be delivered to the customer location. Providing in-app communication will reduce the problem that is caused by the app.

Multi-Language Support:

The app provides customers with multiple language support as the app will be used from different parts of the world. Providing multiple languages to support will make the customers use the application clearly and easily without any confusion.

Smart-Review And Rating:

The customers can rate and review the product ordered through the app and the service provided by the service providers. The admin can be able to view the reviews given by the users, this makes the service providers improve the quality of the service. It is an effective way to improve business growth.

Wrapping Up,

In this blog, we discussed how to enlarge your amazon clone business with limelight features by having a glance at the top ways to enlarge your amazon clone application and features that bring the limelight to the amazon clone app. Entrepreneurs who need to enlarge their amazon clone business can go through this blog and hire a company like Trioangle technologies who has a good working experience in the marketplace.

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