Elevate Your eCommerce Business With Our Fancy Clone App

Innovation is the most important in the business industry nowadays. Many have understood the business strategy well.

eCommerce has upgraded its business to be more creative and innovative, transforming it into digital. 

Fancy Clone is a pre-made popular eCommerce platform. It has taken brick-and-mortar businesses to the top with its unique features and functionalities. 

If I tell you the statistics of the Fancy, you can see its market demand. 

The total size of the Fancy is 5 million at present. The number is getting higher with its new trends and features. 

If you want to be successful as a Fancy app, you need to follow their strategies like trends and features. 

In this article, you can find the top trends to use for your Fancy Clone app. 

No delay. Let’s get in! 

Zero-Party Data And Privacy

Each consumer’s preference is different from one others. The platform should be a solution for all kinds of audiences. For that purpose, eCommerce has started a strategy to collect data from customers. 

After googles’ announcement on closing third-party cookies this year, many are adapting to the zero-party data policy.

A source says that most of the audiences are not ok with collecting data from them. However, it is the platforms’ responsibility to use the data securely.

When you use zero-party data, make sure you balance data security and use the data for a personalised shopping experience. Here are a few things to look at. 

  • You must provide the data details like what data is taken from the users. From how you collect, store, and use them, you should be clear with it.
  • Use robust security to keep the details safe. 
  • Make sure that you collect customer data in-house to avoid breach or theft. 

AR & VR Feature For Lively Experience

Before it launches, many hesitate to buy through online mode, thinking that whether a dress fits one or the furniture will suit the place. 

AR and VR have solved the issue, providing a live trial experience. For instance, if a customer wants to know how the furniture looks in that place, which may not even be possible in traditional ways. 

How Virtual Reality works in eCommerce? 

VR In E-commerce 

VR gives an experience like real life through VR glasses. The experiences that you can get from VR are 

Virtual Shopping Environments: 

eCommerce experts have created virtual stores where users can try dresses as they do in the physical store. It provides a seamless and real-time experience. 

Virtual Product Demonstrations:

If customers want in-depth information on something, they get virtual demonstrations through this feature.

Virtual showrooms: 

Companies can show their product in VR showrooms, enabling customers to explore various products in innovative ways. 

When you start a Fancy clone app, include this trend to increase the popularity of your platform. 

Discover Voice Search Capability in Fancy Clone

As we are living in a convenience realm where everything should be done in one’s place. Voice search is a feature that facilitates users from typing their requirements. 

With voice search, users can search for products, just telling what they need. As of 2023, the use of voice assistance is 4.2 billion and the number will reach 8.4 billion by 2025. 

The benefits that it provides are

  • Convenience
  • Natural language processing
  • Improved user experience
  • Accessibility
  • Voice shopping
  • Voice-enabled assistants

Implementing this trend is not an easy thing as it needs cutting-edge technology. For that, you need an experienced clone app development company.  If you want assistance, reach out to us.

Video Marketing For Your Fancy Clone

Visual and listening power is more effective than just visual power. The best idea to attract audiences is video marketing. But the video should be quality and interesting so the audience watches it. 

Video marketing helps eCommerce platforms through

Customer Testimonials And Reviews  

Video testimonials of audiences can build trust among other sets of people. Positive reviews, unboxing videos, and user-generated content can all contribute to increasing customer confidence in making a purchase. 

Product demonstrations

These types of videos will be demonstrating the products’ features, functionality, and benefits. It will help audiences to understand the product better. 

Brand Storytelling

If someone visits a store’s page for the first time and they don’t have a clue about their products, a brand storytelling video will be helpful. 

Video marketing is wide. You can use it until you can derive your target audience. It is the best feature for store owners to promote the brand. 

Explore Mobile eCommerce with Fancy Clone

mCommerce stands for mobile commerce. Yes! There is a rumour that people prefer eCommerce websites over mobile apps. In the present day, mobile commerce is getting popular as users don’t need to go on a browser to access the platforms.

Since the number of mobile users is higher than web users, eCommerce experts are taking eCommerce to mobile apps. 

Let’s see the statistics of mobile and web users!

The total number of mobile app users is 4.32 billion. The number of website users is 55.

If you are developing an eCommerce platform, choose mobile and web. By developing both platforms, you can attract more audiences and increase revenue. 

The benefits of mCommerce are

  • You can reach more customers.
  • You can derive mobile users from your platform.
  • Can make users come to the platform again through notifications and SMS.
  • Enable location-based personalisation. 

Same-Day Delivery And Fulfillment Option

The demand for Fancy clone platforms, which replicate the successful business model of Amazon, is indeed growing rapidly.

 These platforms aim to provide a similar online shopping experience to customers, including a wide range of products, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery options.

In response to the increasing customer expectations for faster deliveries, Fancy clone platforms have been introducing innovative solutions.

The demand for the Fancy clone is increasing day by day. So, it has introduced faster delivery options. Users can get their products the same day or the next day.   Besides this, they are also introducing new ways of delivery such as drones and lockers. 

Bottom Line,

In the internet era, you can sustain your business only if you follow a unique path. In the eCommerce platform, each day a competitor launches its platform.

To stand top in the market, hope! The trends mentioned in the blog will help you. 

If you want to know how to include those trends in your Fancy clone app, read blogs related to it or get help from experts.