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Vacation Rental Script is the most in-demand mobile application in the world. For Travel enthusiasts, corporate travelers, or remote workers, Airbnb Clone App is a hero that solves all your travel-related requirements. 

It has great features and functionalities to allow users to avail of various services including hotel searching and booking, finding travel destinations and rental properties, etc. Clone Of Airbnb is a combination of multiple factors that constitute an extremely useful and engaging mobile application. 

Despite the dramatic impact of Covid-19 on the tourism industry, the Airbnb App Clone has not only managed to remain successful and survive impressively but also emerged as a profitable option. If you see the latest Statista report, a Top Rental company currently has over 45 million users across the globe in 2022.

Interesting, Isn’t It!

In today’s technology-driven world, it makes it worth investing in developing an Airbnb Clone App that provides great features for travel services and enhances users’ travel experience. 

This blog informs you of Airbnb clone app development. Starts with the demography-based stats, and workflow ends with features, this blog surely makes your entrepreneur journey smoother. Why delay? Get into the blog.  

Demographic-Based Stats

Vacation Rental Script is a peer-to-peer online marketplace where users find their desired travel location or tour destination and accommodation property or staying facility for rent. It gives solutions to key user problems, it has managed to stay on the top of the market with a successful track record over the years. 

  • Airbnb clone mobile app currently has more than a million users globally and more than 650,00 property owners who have listed their properties across the globe. 
  • On average, a user spends around 11 minutes on the Airbnb clone mobile app.
  • Equipment Rental Script has listings in more than 220 countries and locations
  • Around 60% of Vacation Rental Script beneficiaries are millennials

How does Airbnb Clone work?

Best Airbnb Clone has two kinds of users- guests and property owners. Therefore, when you develop a Rental Marketplace Script, you need to design the app architecture for these two categories. 

This is a complicated task because it contains a lot of functionality and features to allow users to access the services. Many business people prefer to hire a Rental Script company to avoid any potential mistakes and make the entire project fully successful. 

The working module comprises two main interfaces guests and property owners. The workflow is getting different for each. Let’s know it.

Airbnb working model for guests-

  1. Create a user login Profile
  2. Complete the user profile by adding basic details like pictures including ID, contact details, etc.
  3. Enable users to customize their search through multiple filters like price, location, and period. 
  4. Booking requests could be initiated to their desired bookings.
  5. Multiple types of digital payments have been integrated.
  6. Easy and secure check-in. 

Airbnb working model for the property owners-

  1. The user must be over 18 years old to register or log in to the app as a property host.
  2. After creating the profile, the host needs to add their property details with essential information such as location, space size, type of apartment, and more.
  3. Host uploads high-quality pictures of their property
  4. The host should give all the required details to the guest in advance
  5. Once the property got approved, then receives the confirmation notification
  6. Finally, the payment process will be initiated

What are Best-In-Class Features In It?

The cost to build an app mainly depends on the number of features and developing hours. If you need more features, more developers will take the time to create the required features. 

Features for Guests-

  • Profile registration
  • Login
  • Search 
  • Search filters
  • Favorites
  • Live chat
  • Booking window
  • Payment gateway
  • Refer and Invite Friends
  • Booking History

Features for Host (Property Owner)-

  • Profile signup and login
  • Property listing
  • Push notifications
  • Reviews
  • Payments
  • Chat
  • Cancellation and refund

Take A Note,

Airbnb App Clone has become a profitable rental service platform that brings property owners and travelers on a common platform. This provides a seamless journey and stays experience. Airbnb Clone Script is the fastest emerging online marketplace in the rental industry. 

It allows them to list their property in detail and rent as per their choice, budget, and location for a fixed period. The online rental industry is going through a massive transformation. Details about Airbnb clone app development presented in this blog make you informed. Get into action by partnering with us right now!