We are glad to share our thoughts on designing a dating app like a Tinder Clone in this blog. You can come to know about the new ideas to start up your business with the advanced features provided by Trioangle.

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This business makes you yield more revenue. As an entrepreneur, you can know the demand for dating applications. This makes people hold people-friendly through online platforms.

This App makes more people stay connected with their loved ones and enhances the growth of your business. This application brings dual benefits at the same time for entrepreneurs and users. A survey says that 275 million users will be using the tinder clone app by 2022, which will be a treat for entrepreneurs starting the Tinder clone business.

How Can You Stand Out In the Marketplace?

There are many tinder clone business developers who develop their applications without proper research by not having a clear plan for developing the application step by step and building the application in a clumsy manner. This causes many problems during the app launch, Trioangle provides you with quality products.

Trioangle provides a Tinder Clone development strategy that is flexible based on the service, technology, and satisfies the demands of your clients. We provide you with a well-planned strategy.

We provide all the basic features that are needed in the application. We are more cautious while creating your app with advanced features to develop a dating app like tinder with the latest technologies. This helps to generate high returns for sure. Additionally, Trioangle provides additional perks and they are:

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  • Innovative Ideas
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Features That Makes The Tinder Clone Perfect Match-making App:


This enables the user to check matches in a circle of area. The user can search in multi-location, whether he is present. Other users who use the application in the location will be visible for you in the application. The user can view their profile and start the steps to contact them.

Distance-Based Matches: 

This option allows the user to connect to the people in their location by turning on the GPS option to enable the location. This helps to find the match within the location of the user.

Interest-Based Matches:

The user has the option to edit their interest in their profile. This allows other users with the same interest to match without any delay. This helps to match people with the same ideas and same interests.

In-App Chat with Matched Profile Users:

Once the swipe and match process is finished in the free version, you can immediately begin a private interaction with the opposite user by chatting. The push notification feature notifies the user whenever they get a new message, like or a match. This helps the user to build relationships through the application.

Rewind Features:

The feature allows the user to rewind the last swipe if the user unknowingly left swiped someone with whom you want to connect then you can right swipe the user. This helps the user to avoid missing their interested person by a small mistake.

Secured Chatting:

After getting the partner, users can start chatting privately in a protected environment through the application. So it cant be displayed to others. The user also has the option to block a user you don’t want to talk with, the user cannot be unblocked once blocked.


We provide you with a 100% customization application. The admin can add features that suit their business needs, which helps in the business growth.

Why Trioangle?

If you want to develop a tinder clone for boosting relationships, Trioangle helps to develop the best Tinder Clone App with advanced features as mentioned in the blog. Trioangle provides 

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