Around 46% of the world’s people have business ideas, and struggling to be an entrepreneur in the current era. 

Many business people are in a dilemma about where to begin. Specifically, having the confusion” Can I do online or traditional services?”

Offline services will involve many things physically and need a bulk investment too. A rather online business would only spend you with the technical connections. So, this is my suggestion for the startup people to go with the digital pace. 

Let’s get to the point. 

If you are seeking a business plan, you are at the right place to grab it. 

Classified App Development

If probing for a strong business idea to start in the online sphere, then an online classified mobile app development is best to initiate. 

Because gone are the days, when we practiced looking at the newspapers for seeing a classified ad or waited to include our ad in those pages. 

All thanks to the technology. The internet, smartphones, and the evolvement of mobile apps have tuned our lifestyles largely. We, people, are in search to have comfort in our daily needs. There starts demand for the services like ride-hailing, food delivery, etc. 

Belongs to the queue, classified apps are making certain demands in the online industry. Classified apps like Letgo are creating a marketplace or a platform to connect sellers and buyers directly. 

This means, there are no third-party connectors, any user can act as seller and buyer anytime. There are no restrictions like the product should be a new one, these apps allow the users to sell and buy the old items. 

Due to these exceptional benefits, there is always a hefty demand for the apps like Craigslist, Letgo, Offerup, OLX, etc. 

Let’s understand its market overview. 

Classified App’s Market View

According to a report by Market Research Future, “the online classified market will reach the rate of 25% of improvement between the years 2023 and 2030. This is a value size of about 381.4 Billion US dollars. 

This enhancement is by the headway usage of the classified business largely by the businesses and the individuals. Also, classified apps are a cost-effective way for all types of people to show their products to sell, rather compared to other offline classified mediums. 

Moreover, it gives the convenience to the users to classify their products anywhere at any time. This consequences a big thing when there would be less than 10% of traditional classifieds will occur by the year 2030. 

Hence, pivoting your business mind with an online classified business would be a fine path to make your entrepreneurial journey successful. 

Let’s move on to the essential part of your Classified mobile app development. 

1. Determine Your Classified App Business Goals

Before entering the classified mobile app development process, it is important to know your business goals which assist you in drawing a solid roadmap.

Also, your goals would have some problems which will make you work for obtaining the solutions. Perhaps, your goals would meet all the classified business demands and will meet the consumer requirements too. 

For a sample, have your classified app startup goals with the following questions, 

  • What is your solution for the consumer’s demand and requirements? 
  • How you are going to engage the users with your Letgo-like app?
  • How your classified app will streamline the user’s action? 
  • What will be the challenges you have to overcome with the online classified business? 

Like the above-mentioned questions, frame yourself with better queries and have a clear understanding of your classified mobile app development. It will make you to be ready to go to the next level of development stages. 

2. Plan Your Classified Business Idea

Classified businesses involved in many business sectors. So, research and analyze what types of classifieds are possessing heavy demand in your location and in the forthcoming years too.  

Let’s go through the below questions to get a better-classified business plan, 

  • Your app is for whom? 
  • In what business model your classified app is going to process?
  • Is your business idea meet all your business goals that include revenue? 
  • Already your app idea is having contenders in that region or seeing the accomplishments of goals were met by other apps? 

By answering these above questions you might conclude your business plan and have a clear business model, that you are going to proceed with. 

There are many sectors that involve in the classifieds business. Let’s have a quick look at the demanding classified business.

  • Job Classifieds (Naukri. Indeed)
  • Real estate classifieds(99acres)
  • Car classifieds(
  • Pet Classifieds
  • Matrimonial classifieds
  • Education classifieds

Make your business analysis with the above-classified sectors and pick the lucrative one as your business plan based on the demands in your region. 

3. Determine Your Classified App Development Method

The classified mobile app development involves two methods, 

Development from a readymade clone solution

It is using any readymade clone scripts like Letgo or Offerup clone, so you can build your classified app quickly. Your classified business requirements like the app’s features, designs, and other integration changes can carry in the customization process. 

It is a cost-effective way to launch an online classified marketplace. In this, your sole process is to hire any remarkable development company that furnishes a defined classified script in the market. And listing out the business goals and app customization requirements. 

Development from scratch

Developing a classified app from scratch involves many parts, you should work on all the app development sections. And you need to have some technical knowledge too. 

Here are some important parts of the app development process, 

  • Plan and methodology
  • Design(UI/UX)
  • Development(front end and back end)
  • Testing
  • Deployment(App store and play store)
  • Support and maintenance(app’s performance)

Note that the app development is an iterative process and will include steps based on your requirements evolvement. 

Also, you need to hire developers, designers, and testers for the completion of your classified app development. The scratch development process is quite complex and consumes your time and money lot. Thus, analyze your business requirements and fix the app development method to launch your classified app like OLX. 

4. Identify Your Classified App Monetization Strategy

It is important to decide the monetization streams of your classified app. Utilize the common money-making streams of the peer-to-peer marketplaces such as 

  • Commission or platform fee from the stakeholders
  • Subscription fee(based on your premium features)
  • A free app (getting revenue from third-party advertisements)
  • Listing fee(for showcasing the product listings on the top page)

Let’s make your app business with the above flow of revenue model, which will move your classified app with more revenue streams. 

5. Decide How To Market Your Classified App

Marketing strategies are big business tactics that will move the business to big heights. A conceived marketing strategy will flow your classified business on the right path. 

So, fix your marketing plans according to your target audience. Analyze the demography and user personas to list your marketing progress. 

In today’s era, among all, digital or social media marketing has the sound efficiency to reach a wider range of targeted audiences quickly. Making your ad posts on the platforms like Instagram, and Facebook will increase your traffic and leads to higher sale conversions too. 

Moreover, improve your brand reputation through your seamless classified app experience with competitive prices and offers. It will automatically enhance your online classified business via word of mouth which is the best ever effective marketing that catches people quickly. 

Key Takeaways

However, building a classified app like letgo, Offerup/OLX would be the sharpest business plan for your entrepreneurial ride. As an aspiring startup person, you should focus on business conceptualization, which will make you get more enhanced ideas for your classified app development. 

Overall, in starting the online classified business, your concentration should be on app development. So, for quicker results utilize any instant classified script with all the MVP features and appetizing UX/UI interface that perhaps to the seamless experience. These factors will admit you to launch an efficient classified app in online pace quickly. 

Let’s make your next business move with online classified systems.