People generally prefer the ride sharing system because of the affordability and the quick access they can enjoy. But right now Uber has increased the price for riding due to the increase in the fuel rate, drivers inconvenience and for other reasons. But right now Uber is trying to provide ride at cheaper rates by introducing new features.

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Can you wait for minutes? Then enjoy the cheaper rides

Uber CEO stated to Quartz in a meeting that Uber is planning to introduce a new feature, that is if the rider can wait for minutes after booking the ride, then the rate for the ride is reduced for the time they are waiting. Also an uber Employee tweeted that when the rider request a ride at 16:56 PM , the message popped up that “Prices are lower at 17:00 PM. If you’re OK leaving later, we’ll request your ride at 17:00 for a lower price

For example consider that is if the rate for the trip that is booked at 16:56 is 10 $ then if you are ready to wait for considerable minutes then the price foreshorten to 8 $. Here you can save about 2 $. Later the tweet was seems to be deleted for some privacy reason.

Initially the process is in testing with some drivers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. If this provide better results then the process will be in live in every cities.

More over to reduce the fare uber has introduced a express pool, which is different from Uber pool, that is if the rider book the ride in express pool the cab will not take you from the doorstep. The rider have to walk on the foot to the nearby location where the cab is available to take the ride and can join the ride with other people. The procedure for booking and other policy remains same as the Uber Pool. But this reduce the fare price considerably.

Uber step by step planning to reduce the charge for the riders and testing the better way to come out in a test trial process.

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