Developing apps like Postmates for All in One delivery is one of the profitable and easy maintainable businesses. After COVID-19 all are preferring home delivery for all products. At the same time because of virus spread and social distancing, the contactless delivery options are grabbing the attention of customers. So clearly launching a business like Postmates for delivering food, grocery, pharmacy, and alcohol is a demanding and profitable business.

Just like the Postmates app, the Postmates clone app is ready to deploy script solutions developed by Trioangle. It helps you with the hassle-free launch of your on-demand food delivery business within a short span of duration.

Postmates clone app is built with the latest technology with all the necessary and advanced features that let your business stand out from others. The Postmates clone app is a replicated version of the Postmates app with your brand name and logo. 

In the Postmates clone app, the admin module is designed exclusively to process admin tasks efficiently. Let us discuss what are all the options available in the admin panel and how those options are integrated for an efficient process.

Admin panel options:

Admin panel is designed to process admin’s tasks to maintain the flow of each and every process of the order. From the customer placing the order to the customer receiving the food, each process is processed automatically. But the admin is the only authorized person who can change any process at any time. Let us see the options available in the admin panel.

Options under admin panel:

  • Dashboard: It exhibits a summary of all order data like total orders, total users, total stores, total drivers.
  • User Management: To add/update information about users.
  • Driver Management: To add/update information about drivers.
  • Store Management: To add/update information about Store
  • Store Payout Management: Payment options for stores.
  • Driver Payout Management: Keeps drivers’ pay details. 

Customer panel;

The user panel is exclusively meant for the buyers who are ordering the products. So, based on the customer’s preference this module is designed. Let’s see some of the options available in the customer panel.

Options under customer panel:

  • Profile: Common information about users such as name, location, contact details, Email Id.
  • Orders: Past and Upcoming orders data.
  • Delivery Address: Options to enter the delivery address.
  • Payment: Options to enter payment options.

The End

Wrapping up, if you are planning to build a business similar to Postmates, by Postmates clone, ensure to keep up with the trends in the delivery industry and analyze the market completely. Next, determine a suitable business model to develop the delivery app and provide the features based on the needs of the customers. 

Business with user-friendly and well-featured applications is a profit generator. 

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