Is there anything familiar between all the people in this world? We surely would have heard and used instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Now, it has become a permanent part of our daily lives.

Among all social media applications, WhatsApp has been the chief app. Either a whole application for informing or as a neighbourhood of a lot greater Mobile App Ideas. In case, you’re considering fostering your WhatsApp-like applications? This is the right opportunity to enter this industry.

WhatsApp Growth

Almost millions of users join WhatsApp per day, mostly in America, India, and Europe. The growth of instant messaging apps is exponential. Based on the number of downloads and the reviews of users, many new users download and start to communicate with the app. By increasing market spiking, the app becomes indispensable and the user base grows.

Why WhatsApp Clone App Development?

Entrepreneurs can witness a massive spike in downloads for an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. People want to communicate quickly and securely. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs can partner with Trioangle for creating a customized WhatsApp clone app.

We developed our WhatsApp Clone App with highly skilled developers. The script is available in Android and iOS apps. An advanced admin panel helps to control the day-to-day business operations efficiently and materialize your business dreams right away.

What Are The Key Features Of Our WhatsApp Clone?

Starred Messages

The users can receive thousands of messages in WhatsApp Clone. The users can label the important message as a starred message to avoid missing the important one. By selecting the message and clicking the “star” option to mark it as a starred message.

Video And Voice Calling

Is there any better feature than video/voice call? Users can stay in touch with their dear ones with these features. They can communicate anytime from anywhere. Group video calls are also available on the app to ensure world-class communication facilities.

Privacy Option

The users of WhatsApp Clone can block the other users who send abusively content or other misbehave practices.  They can also report the user, and the admin can remove the concerned person’s account permanently. This ensures a safe and trustworthy experience for all. 

Status Share Option

Have you clicked an eye-catching photo or shot an engaging video? It is time to share it with your dear ones. The users can select the other users and can hide the status from them.

Delete Messages

There are two types of delete options. 

1. Delete for Me” is utilized to remove unnecessary chats in the app.

2. Delete for Everyone” is used to delete those messages sent by mistake to another person.

Instant Notification

The users receive instant notifications to know the message without entering into the app. With this smart feature, the user can get update regularly.

Advanced Search

The search option is very useful for the users to search for their previous chats. Our WhatsApp Clone helps the users to find their friends by entering the contact name.

Contact Synchronization

Once the user registers on WhatsApp Clone, the phone contacts are synchronized automatically in the app. So, the users can connect with their contacts quickly without any hassle.

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