As we all know that, Google is a tech giant always think to comfort its user in all possible ways. To confess the same in their Google Maps product, they join hands with OLA to book the cab directly from the app.

Many of us think that how it’s possible to do it? No wonder, both companies have done it and now it’s in use. According to tuesday announcement, inter-city travel partnership with Google that would help long-distance commuters discover Ola’s “Outstation” category on Google Maps.

The move enables bookings from 23 cities to over 215 one-way routes in the country.In the coming weeks, the integration would be expanded to 500 routes. Once the destination is filed in on Google Maps, the commuter can navigate to the transit tab and choose Ola as the commute option and he or she would be taken directly to the booking screen on the Ola app.

Let Us Glance, How It Works?

1.Pin your pickup and drop location  in google maps.

2.Now click the icon with a person hands up with time duration, it’s the last icon in the header option.

Map For Booking

3.Choose the service you want to use. For most service providers, you’ll be taken to the provider’s app.

4.If you don’t have their app installed, you’ll be taken to the Play Store to download the app.

Map For Booking

5.Now select the “Outstation” option in the car tab.

Map For Booking

6.Follow the on-screen instructions to select a payment method and confirm your pickup place.

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