The On-demand taxi apps are popular and can easily start a business in a short time. For entrepreneurs who are having the idea of looking to enter a taxi business, developing like a bolt clone app can be the perfect solution. 

Bolt clone is one of the popular taxi booking apps that provided services to people. 

Let’s get to know about the Bolt Clone Script

Bolt Clone

Who Can Get Benefited By Using An On-demand Taxi App!! 

Some percentage of Entrepreneurs think the taxi business will not be a better business model for them. But it is not because the many businesses gone online and having a taxi booking business will be a good solution and reach the people to have a good impression. 

Fleet Owners: It is easy for fleet owners to expand their business by investing in a bolt clone to be beneficial. The taxi owners will get more booking and offer the complete solution that easily solves the business problems. The user will book the taxi at any time with the fleets. 

Entrepreneurs: Can develop an online taxi business app and connect the drivers and the customers easily in a single platform. This app will connect both the customers and drivers and will have the flexibility of doing business. 

Why Developing An App Like Bolt Is Needed For Entrepreneurs? 

If you are looking to develop a Bolt Clone App for your taxi booking business and mentioned the reasons provided to develop it. 

  • 100% Source Code

Based on the packages selection, you will be afforded a complete source code. 100% source code means the clients have all the privilege to edit and change the source code in accordance with their ideology to attract relevant customers. 

  • Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our script to your server at free of cost. Within a short span, we help you to make your script live.

  • App Submission

We submit your apps which are bought from us. We give you complete support to submit iOS Apps in App Store & Android apps in Play Store.

  • On-Time Support

We are always ready to support you in all means of communication channels. Our on-time support includes technical and non-technical support and maintenance from the team.

  • Fleet Management

The fleet management portal has all the features for taxi owners to manage drivers & vehicles. It also has options like manage booking, trips, payments, requests, and other information. It also provides access to analytics.

  • Multiple payments

It is integrated with secured multiple payment methods so that users can have all the freedom to pay the way they like.

  • Tips To Driver

If the driver has been extremely professional and if the rider wishes then the rider can tip the driver at the end of the trip. This highly kindles the driver to deliver a white-collar service.

  • Geo-Fencing

The geo-Fencing feature helps the admin to avoid trips from certain geolocation. The admin can mark a location on the map to avoid trips from that location.

  • In-App Chat

An In-app chat option helps the user to chat with the driver even though they can’t connect with the call.

  • Call Masking

Both the driver and the rider can get in conversation easily without sharing their personal phone number or other details and can have a secure call.

  • Rider Sharing

Enable the users to share their rides using the Ride-Sharing feature.

How Does Bolt Clone App Work?
  • Download and sign up via social media, phone number, or email id
  • The app will provide you nearby drivers based on the location you have chosen or the address you filled.
  • Request For The Driver 
  • Make an online payment or pay with cash
  • Track your driver live location
  • Get your taxi at your doorstep and travel to the destination.
  • Provide feedback and ratings

Bolt Clone App is one of the popular taxi booking app offering a booking experience for the users. Choose a development company that provides Taxi Booking App like Bolt for your business. 

Discuss with our team and get connected through [email protected] and get the free white labeling taxi booking service app with the support provided by the company. The bolt clone app is provided the latest features that facilitate the smooth booking app and can improve the business to a greater extent.