With an evolution of technology, there is the birth of new apps for every minute. One of the most downloaded application is online food ordering service. As they comfort both diners and restaurant owners, by affording them delicious dishes with few taps and displaying their identity worldwide. Large number stats describe online food ordering software’s tremendous success. An assured return on investment is available in the food tech business.

If you are passionate to start a business on an online food ordering service?, tap to Just Eat Clone.

eaTreat – Just Eat Clone :

To uplift restaurant business and to serve diners taste buds, there is a solution. Our supreme product eaTreat – Just Eat clone sparkles with features and its performance. Like special ingredients to a recipe, prominent technology builds this efficient software. By deploying this ready-made script anyone can make use of a user-friendly website for the business.  

Features In eaTreat (Just Eat Clone):

Our online food ordering software provides smooth communication between restaurant and diners, by providing a separate panel for each. Whole food tech system is controlled by admin for a flexible monitoring, a separate panel is available.

Quick Profile Creation :

With some primary details, both diner and restaurant can create their own profile to perform actions instantly. A diner can sign up through multiple social media also. In their initial sign up, restaurant owners should provide adequate details about restaurants, cuisines, working hours etc, so that it will be comfortable while ordering. Thus, their own profiles are edited and managed.

Categorized Restaurant Search :

Just Eat is popular for its instant search options. The order listed are categorized neatly and ordered by the system, that helps diner to pick their orders. Same ways as in eaTreat – Just Eat clone script shows flowing restaurant search results. It comforts diners to pick their favourite restaurant based on distance, service, ratings etc.

Streamlined Order Listing :

Restaurant owners beautifies their profile with the required food order details like cuisines they follow, attractive menu images and crisp description about it. This food ordering software elevates restaurant business by displaying their orders and manage them. Those orders are stored in an efficient database and pop out quickly, whenever the user needs. eaTreat offers users the varied range of delivery options like takeaway, pickup, the schedule also diners can add a note about the dish as per their preference.

Secure And Easy Payouts:

Finally the desired food in order, now it is time to pay. eaTreat provides secured and varied payment options with cash or Paypal. With all your details have a secured transaction.

Uplift Your Restaurant Business:

Corner the marketplace with our responsive site. It provides tools like reports, offers, rating and reviews to furnish your business. It is an indirect communication, which portraits the restaurant’s performance.

Revenue Model :

A software or a business, the power stands to administrator. In eaTreat, the admin holds, controls, monitors the service and users. For business aspirants it is best revenue model, where admin gets service fee from both diner and owner for each order.

If you are interested in eaTreat – The JustEat clone script, then our team would help you by providing

  • Free server installation.
  • Free app submission.
  • 24/7 support.
  • 100 % source code.
  • Free technical support.
  • Free white labelling.
  • Transparency of work.

Our food ordering software provides you, fabulous feast in your business. Want to try it live then tap to http://eatreat.trioangle.com/, or else enjoy visual treat from eaTreat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLtRUeNQqKE. For further queries contact [email protected].