With massive usage towards an online platform, people get tuned to instant services. Like approaching on-demand services, online train ticket booking, theatre ticket booking, food delivery services, courier services, partner for dating, hotel room booking and much more. 

Real-time players like Airbnb, Uber come from such high concerned platforms and reached heights. Getting inspired to it & understanding the need business aspirants wishes to mark their footprint on the online platform.  

Remember that any online presence/medium is a must to create connectivity in the virtual world. You can develop one or just find it on the marketplace. If you consider the most lucrative online hotel booking market, a hotel booking script can easily connect with users.  

Best Featured Hotel Booking Script In 2020: 

Makent Hotels – Hotel Booking Script :

Makent Hotels, the hotel booking script from Trioangle is designed purely for rental business visionaries. The ready-made, hotel booking software is eligible to start a business within 2 or 3 business days. It is curated in the form by analyzing all pressure points of the customers and delivers to an entrepreneur in a most responsive and flexible form. By deploying the hotel booking system, anyone can make use of a user-friendly website for the business.  

Mind-Boggling Features In Hotel Booking Script: 

Our room reservation system is also designed to provide effective rental service by connecting hosts and guests. Let’s list out the features, that beautifies and structure the script.

  • Multiple and verified signups
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Instant searches
  • Seamless, Multiple room listing
  • Hassle-free, multiple room booking

  • Secured payment methods
  • Interesting host experience
  • User profile management
  • Flexible communication
  • Rating and reviews

Why Go for Makent Hotels? 

Yeah! It is the right question that arises from the minds of budding entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss how Makent Hotels helps to build your business?  

Technology Used: 

Using high-end technology like,

  • Programming Languages: Javascript, Html 5, CSS 3
  • Php Web Framework: Laravel
  • Front-end Web Framework: Angular Js
  • SQL data storage: MySQL/ SQL lite
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services.

100% Customizable: 

It is 100% customizable, that it can incorporate your innovative rental/hotel booking business ideas. You can add a hotel booking script as a hotel search engine to your business enhancement. 

SEO Friendly Landing Page: 

We provide you SEO friendly site, which increases your business presence in a digital platform. 

Admin Management

As ahead of a business, the admin of the software holds the control. It also facilitates guests and hosts with flexible plans, with this admin can see better revenue. It comforts users with safe and secures payment options. A healthy relationship between hosts and guests is managed with varied policies like cancellation policies, refund policies, and dispute management, etc. 


Hotel booking script works for online rental business globally. It’s mandatory to have a site to support multiple languages and currencies. A new iCalendar is used for the exchange of data from other calendar systems that can be done. Also syncs with manual calendar used to avoid unwanted booking chaos. These features support the script in the global market. Makent helps users to earn credits by inviting their friends, this act promotes the system, invites new and retains existing ones. 


For budding entrepreneurs, Trioangle facilitates free server installation, free app submission, 24/7 support, 100 % source code, free technical support and maintains effective, transparency in their work.

Got kindled with its features and functionalities then checkout Hotel booking software. Feel free to contact [email protected].