Entrepreneurs are looking to thrive up their business profile into a different zone. To compensate for their needs, an online food delivery business is one of the aces in the hole to boost up their business incomes.

Looking back, people used to go to restaurants to enjoy their food with their friends and relatives. Then sitting at the table, calling the busboy to say your order through the deafening backdrop noise and ordering food has always been a hassle. Though now, those experiences slash half.

That is because of the astounding on-demand food delivery service like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, and much more.

That’s a Grin from ear to ear,

So, to start the ball rolling on “ Food Delivery Business” will heap up your income.

Yeah! it’s time to perceive the best food delivery script for your business betterment. Come on, let’s dive deep into the blog.

Best Food Delivery Script That You Must Try In 2020!

gofereats - ubereats clone

Trioangle dispenses you the flagships online food delivery script to stimulate your business. That was named as GoferEats, which will knock out your competitor on the business ring to get a black belt on your business game.

GoferEats is partnered with the “eaters, restaurants, and fleet drivers”. The partners are going to sail on your business to make it high supremacy.

This trustworthy online food delivery script will be the caliber tool to change your business fate.

The topmost major functions of GoferEats — Food delivery Clone were split up into Eater functionalities, Restaurant functionalities, Driver functionalities, and Admin functionalities. It’s available on both native iOS and Android.

Each aspect is to boon the workflow of GoferEats. Let’s talk deeply about its advantages…

Viable Workflow Process On GoferEats

  • Most Simplistic Sign-Up/Sign-In
  • Elegant Dashboard For Admin
  • Seamless Advanced Search Option
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Smart Filter Option
  • Spellbound Toggle Button
  • Restaurant Online/Offline Status
  • Flawless Instant Notification Regarding The Orders
  • Can Accept Or Reject The Orders
  • Easy customization of menu orders
  • Latest Design And Functionalities
  • Secure Payment Through Stripe, Wallet, COD
  • Rating & Reviewing Option

Some of the general features to the customer on the Gofereats are Gmail login, live tracking, schedule order, online payment and wallet management.

How can you earn a lucrative profit?

GoferEats is the pave with a bundle of benefits to you.

What are they?

Commission Fee:

The fare you can charge from your restaurant partner.


For each order from the valuable customer, you are able to demand up to 30% order amount at that market price as a commission fee.

For listing the restaurant cuisine on the customer eyeball.

Advertisement fee:

To increase the sale of the restaurant, you place advertising on your business to promote your restaurant partners. For that, you are able to charge a fare for listing ads.

Delivery Fee:

From the driver-partners, you can charge up to 10–20 of the order amount as delivery for your users for delivering their orders.

Now we are in the last platform to know the cost to build the UberEats like the script

Building a script like Ubereats is not a simple task and it requires a lot of technical skills and it takes lots of time. Building an app like UberEats contains a lot of factors and you have to create both web and mobile apps. Developing a brand new app like UberEats, costs twice the amount of buying an UberEats Clone script.

So to know better about this UberEats clone app, without any skepticism, feel free to contact us + 91 6379630152 or ping on [email protected]

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